Broad Based BEE – Looking forward to next year

The updated Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment codes of good practice are set to be released soon. (We would hope they get out before the end of the year.)

When the codes are released we can look forward to companies becoming BEE compliant. Customers who are now asking incorrect questions will start asking for a simple BEE Scorecard. Companies will start committing themselves to BEE and will start advertising themselves as compliant companies.

This means that the true principles behind BEE will come into effect.

It should be a good time for the SA Economy. Millions of new individuals will be participating in the economy. On top of that the 2010 Soccer World Cup will bring in billions of rands worth of investment to the benefit of every South African citizen.

I think this is a good time to be a South African living in South Africa.

Gavin Levenstein

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