Employment Equity – EE

CEE Annual Report
15 May

DoL’s CEE Report

More so than ever, transformation, radical economic transformation, BEE and employment equity are under the spotlight and it is imperative for all companies to comply with the relevant legislation. The recently issued Commission for Employment Equity results shows that many companies have not followed through with their plans in implementing employment equity changes. Minister of

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employment equity training
13 Apr

EE Compliance Requirements

#EECompliance Good Practice: Planning, Preparation, Implementation Employment Equity Plans The Department of Labour released the Code of Good Practice on Employment Equity Plans (EE Plans) on the 30th September 2016 after the document was issued for public comment on the 3rd September 2016. The objective of this code is to provide guidelines of good practice

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Better employee, employer relations

Employees are arguably the most valuable asset in a business. Employees can assist your business grow, similarly they can be extremely harmful. Understanding where everyone stands in terms of the acts is an excellent method to ensure continued success. Avoid any animosity between employees, understand employee limitations and manage employees better. In addition, training and

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