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Net-value date

Means the later occurring of the date of commencement of statement 100 and the date upon which the earliest of all still operative transactions undertaken by the measured entity or entities in order to achieve black rights of ownership, became effective and unconditional;  

Top manager

Means employees of a measured entity who hold rights of ownership, serve on the board, undertake the day to day management, have overall responsibility for the overall financial management and are actively involved in developing and implementing the overall strategy of the measured entity;  

Third party rights

(a) Created against a black participant to secure, for a lender, repayment of a loan advance dot that participant for financing their purchaser of their equity instrument in the measured entity; (b) Held against a juristic person or trust that is in the chain of ownership between the measured entity...

Core skills

(a) Value-adding to the activities of the measured entity in line with its core business; (b) In areas the measured entity cannot outsource; or (c) Within the production/operational part of the measured entity’s value-chain; as opposed to the supply side; services or downstream operations; Means skills that are: