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Black people

Has the meaning defined in the act qualified as including only natural persons who are citizens of the Republic of South Africa by birth or descent; or are citizens of the Republic of South Africa by naturalisation:(a) Occurring before the commencement date of the constitution of the Republic of South...


Economically active population as determined and published by Stats SA. The operative economically active population for the purposes of any calculation under the codes will be the most recently published economically active population;  

Core skills

(a) Value-adding to the activities of the measured entity in line with its core business; (b) In areas the measured entity cannot outsource; or (c) Within the production/operational part of the measured entity’s value-chain; as opposed to the supply side; services or downstream operations; Means skills that are:  

Black new entrants

Means black participants who hold rights of ownership in a measured entity and who, before holding the equity instrument in the measured entity, have not held equity instruments in any other entity which has a total value of more than R20 000 000.00 (R20-million), measured using a standard valuation method;...

Black designated groups

This refers to a definition from the 2007 Codes. You can view other definitions from the old codes or download the latest legislation. (a) Means unemployed black people not attending and not required by law to attend an educational institution and not awaiting admission to an educational institution; (b) Black...