Competition Commission decides..

Our recent complaint regarding ABVA has been evaluated by Competition Commission which has come to the following conclusions and decisions:

– Currently, the dti does not make the use of a verification agency mandatory but the decision whether to accept or reject scorecards produced by independent verification agencies or through self rating/self assessments rests or the procurer of goods/services.

–  ABVA recommends that its verification agency member apply to SANAS or accreditation and that its is not  requisite to use an aBVA member for verification purposes.

– ABVA has undertaken to raise awareness among its members regarding the concerns raised in the complaint to ensure that if the practice exists among its members, it is not condoned.

We were very happy that a very respectable agency such as the Competition Commission has come to the same conclusion as ourselves and obtained this commitment from ABVA.

It was never our intention to apply for punitive damages or other steps against the verification agencies or ABVA – all we wanted was clarity on the status of verification agencies. Accordingly this complaint will not be referred to the Competition Tribunal. 

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