Compliance Stress

Last week the BBBEE Commission announced that it would be investigating 17 companies for possible fronting. We have compiled a detailed analysis and have a link to the list of the company names – more info…

Compliance Stress

There are many stress factors in the work place. There are deadlines that are not reached on time, incomplete work, misunderstood tasks and frustrated staff. Stress is a common experience in the corporate environment; it can even lead to demotivated staff, resulting in less productivity in your business and loss of revenue in the long run.

South Africa has many laws that you need to be compliant with in order to avoid penalties and loss of business. Compliance with these laws is stressful and challenging to someone who has absolutely no idea how to go about it. Employment Equity, B-BBEE, Skills Development and the Labour Relations Act are complicated Acts that you must deal with in order to avoid some penalties and loss of business.

EconoServ are expert consultants specialising in these fields. We have a unique approach, ensuring long term success. Our expert consultants assist you all year round. We take care of your compliance matters and relieve you of your compliance related stress.

If only all your other stress could be taken care of as easily.

Announcing Lumko Learning

I have been involved in business for over 10 years. I’ve trained staff, watched them develop and then watched them leave requiring an entirely new training process. It was upsetting, frustrating and even sometimes destructive to my business. Trained staff would leave with invaluable knowledge and it would take a fair amount of time and effort to regain those skills.

I developed a solution! I realised that I couldn’t change staff from job hopping. I develop better quality training material to increase the new staffs knowledge and speed up the learning process. Now EconoServ in partnership with Lumko Learning can offer training solutions for your business.

Introducing Lumko Learning.

Businesses need to train their staff. How they chose to train could influence the success of the person significantly. Lumko Learning offers a strategically functional training solution. We identify the skills required by the business. Develop training material around every required skill and structure the content to be systematically delivered.

Please join us on the 24th of August for our official launch breakfast. Please email to RSVP. Attendance is at no cost. Breakfast will be served.

Lookout for our next information packed newsletter. Call us for expert help and advice to achieve successful transformation and not fall foul of the provisions of the Act.

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