Differences in interpretation

Original publish date – Tue, 24 Feb 2009 19:26:39 +0000, Keith

There are now 11 SANAS accredited verification agencies, and there are about 25 different interpretations. Not only do agencies differ amongst themselves, but consultants within agencies have differing opinions.

If a business has an income of R1000, and has costs of R900, then all accountants will calculate the same profit figure – R100. Yet when it comes to verification, or even calculation of the scorecard everyone has a different way of doing things. Today, we spoke to the dti over their own method of calculation. They recognised they had made a mistake but said we were the first company ever to identify the error and complain.

The same goes for an accredited agency with whom we had a difference of interpretation. They asked us to supply a ruling from the dti, which we duly  did. They also said that they had never been asked about this issue ever before.

It would be laughable if it did not involve a miscalculation of 15 points on the scorecard. Could it be that your company has received 15 points less than you deserved because your agency made a mistake/interpreted the codes differently? How come no company, other than ourselves has challenged a scorecard? Or have you challenged a score you were given? Let me know.


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