Don’t fear your Verification Agency

Original publish date – Tue, 25 Aug 2009 15:02:56 +0000, Cornilius

The reason why any company should produce a BEE scorecard is not to please their Verification Agency. In reality, the Verification Agency should not be in the position of dictating the whole process of BEE compliance. The company has all the responsibility to make sure that the process towards getting BEE compliant is effective and produces the desired result. The scorecard is essentially produced for the customer so that the company does not run the risk of losing business because of failure to produce a good scorecard. This means a company is actually supposed to work on the scorecard because they fear losing business from their customers. In most instances, the customer wants a scorecard with good points. The urgency to work on the scorecard should not be initiated by the Verification Agency. Verification Agencies are in no position to punish a company for failing to produce a scorecard. Therefore, companies should make decisions that ensure they have the best BEE scorecard points. Some companies have even gone as far as skipping important stages in the BEE compliance journey like getting a consultant’s help because they have been given undue pressure by Verification Agencies..


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