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23 December 2008

Barack Obama is Person of the Year
But tough times lies ahead

Johannesburg – Chaza Strategic Management (CSM) salutes South
African’s who had influenced our thinking, those who made us fell
proud about being South African, those who helped shaped the character
of the South African identity through bravery, endless hours of
hard-work, and unquestionable passion for the beloved country South
Africa. Our person of the year is Barack Obama who overcame the odds,
when everything and everybody else around him was falling apart, Obama
found solace in Rudyard Kipling words: “If you can keep your head when
all about you/ Are losing theirs …/ you’ll be a Man, my son!

In the late 1990’s, former Federal Reserve chairman Allan Greenspan
knew that stock prices were irrational, he did nothing about it.
Americans lead by greedy executives lost self discipline lenders,
borrowers and real estate agents went berserk. Icelands three biggest
banks are in receivership, automobile giants General Motors, Ford and
Chrysler are on the brink of bankruptcy. Fannie Mae- Freddie and the
‘once powerhouse’ Lehman Brothers closed shop after $8, 3 trillion was
wiped away because of Bloody Monday, September 15, 2008 which changed
everything all over the world.

Jobs cuts are the order of the day in the US, SA and Europe. There’s
no doubt that we are in the middle of a global recession that
threatens to become worse. The road to economic recovery is going to
be treacherous even with Obama leading the way in the US, says Anthony
Williams President Unemployed Forum South Africa . The tidal wave of
unemployment is sweeping across the automotive supply industry which
includes the entire resource sector of mining, hard times lie ahead
for SA mining bosses.
Special mentioned is in order for the Independent Election Commission
who is creating an atmosphere for a free and fair election. Many of
SA’s chapter nine institutions introduced in support of democracy have
gradually become eroded institutions, which now operate more or less
as political organs. The IEC gets the nod for Government Department of
the year.
The South Africa Sevens team won back-to-back World Sevens series
titles in Dubai and George under the guidance of the little known
Coach Paul Treu. Paul is seasoned rugby coach who is passionate about
meticulous planning and execution gets our award for Sporting

October 2008 saw the launch of IZZiT, a new lifestyle magazine that
addresses the needs of People of Mixed Heritage (also referred to as
‘Coloured’ or ‘Brown’ people). IZZiT is a lifestyle magazine with a
contemporary focus, with the aim to enhance readers’ information,
knowledge and skills base about themselves and the ‘Coloured’
community in general, which has been fragmented and isolated for many
decades. Media Personality of the year award goes to the team of
entrepreneurs at IZZit.
Remember the Mr Morwamanaka Phala (Sy), for the last 5 years this
innovator has been working around the clock to create the Mr
Morwamanaka Phala (Director of BOSS at Umsombuvo Youth Fund) has been
hard at work creating franchise initiative by black entrepreneurs,
he’s winning it seems. In partnership with the Mogale City he has set
up a number of entrepreneurs with the VIP Bin Cleaning. Sy has he
known by his colleagues is our Rising Star

Our BEE contribution goes to EconoBEE is a medium size operation that operates since 2000 and has created some revolutionary concepts for both Accounting and Black Economic Empowerment. EconoBEE has developed an excellent reputation amongst their clients and will continue to keep their clients needs at heart.

It’s a Future Imperative that South African needs to create jobs just
how it can be done in the midst of the financial horror story of the
century? Anthony Williams President Unemployed Forum South Africa
might want to call for an end to retrenchment as a starting point.
2009 is a Big Election in South Africa. We at Chaza Strategic
Management request that all political parties honors and respect the
rule of law. Our democracy did not come cheaply; thousands of people
sacrifice their lives in pursuit of a free South Africa. Political
leaders must walk the talk of free and fair, we owe it to those gone
before us and we must create a stable country for those coming behind

About Chaza Strategic Management:

Chaza Strategic Management Consultancy’s strategic analysis of a
business its markets, products and services is the result of
experience gained in broad field of industry’s that includes:
Game Farming
Mobile Services
Property Brokers
Biological Farming
New Inventions
Product and Services Launches
Youth and Women Entrepreneurship

Enver Buys founder and Chief Executive of both Chaza Strategic
Management, The Eye Level Experience and Think Green Project is one of
South Africa’s most recognised analysts and speakers on the second
economy issues. His ability to function effectively within the
structured first economy and the informal buzz in the second economy
makes him a crowd favourite with audiences all over the country.


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