EconoBEE Newsletter – 11 February 2010 – Speeding up BEE – The BEE Council

EconoBEE – Newsletter February 2010

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BEE Procurement Database

We are proud to announce the launch of the BEE Procured – Procurement Database. A company earns points through dealing with BEE compliant suppliers. Often it is a difficult and time consuming task to phone/fax or email all suppliers to get their BEE scorecard without which no points will be earned.

No more chasing suppliers for their BEE Scorecard with our easy search facility you can quickly find your suppliers scorecards, download them and earn the easy BEE points.

Speeding up BEE – The BEE Council

In December 2009, President Zuma announced the establishment of the council and named its members. The aim of the council is to advise government on BEE and review progress in achieving true empowerment.

The first meeting of the council was held last Thursday, chaired by Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe. He stated “We also have to admit that the ‘broad-based’ part of BEE has seemed elusive. In the main the story of black economic empowerment in the last 15 years has been a story dominated by a few individuals benefiting a lot”.

For our full commentary please see

In summary our suggestions to the BEE Council are:

Encourage South Africans to be positive towards BEE by:

  • Implementing it properly.
  • Ensuring that true empowerment takes place, and enrichment is removed.
  • Follow the act and the codes. In our opinion the codes are the most brilliant set of guidelines and policies that have been gazetted of any law, white paper or government document. However it falls down by lack of implementation.
  • Make it easier to comply: The charters serve little purpose and the only ones that have been gazetted are so similar to the codes as to make no difference, other than complicate the issue.
  • Make it easier and cheaper to comply. The verification process is complex and the accreditation process for verification agencies more so.
  • Remove SANAS from the accreditation process.
  • Implement a better verification procedure.
  • If verification is really needed, let accountants/auditors do the work.

Lead from the front:
If government is serious about increasing the pace of transformation, it should start implementing B-BBEE policies in all its departments.

  • Let each government department produce its own broad-based scorecard. Stop awarding tenders based solely on ownership.
  • Ensure the mining industry follows the B-BBEE codes.

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Lack of agency capacity breeds BEE verification crunch

By Mzwandile Jacks
published by Business Report

The number of black economic empowerment (BEE) verification agencies was worryingly lower than the number of companies they had to accredit, making it impossible for them to certify all local firms as required by law, consultants warned on Friday.

Keith Levenstein, the chief executive of EconoBEE Consulting, said there were 26 verification agencies that had to accredit 500 000 companies.

“The sheer volume of work that is going to come in is huge,” said Levenstein. “These agencies may not be able to accredit all these companies”.

“This state of affairs is not right if we want companies to comply. Some companies may not comply, knowing that it could be impossible to verify their BEE status.”

This could undermine the state’s efforts to redress imbalances of the past. It would also open up the process to abuse by companies not interested in meeting the broad-based BEE legal requirements.

Levenstein said what made matters worse was the confusion regarding the BEE codes for the tourism, forestry, transport and construction sectors.

These had been gazetted and must be followed by companies in those industries.

“However, no verification agencies have been accredited by the SA National Accreditation System (Sanas) to perform verifications for those sector codes,” Levenstein said. “This implies that any company in those industries will not be able to have their sector scorecard verified by an accredited agency from now on.”

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BEE: Dead or alive?

James Myburgh

JOHANNESBURG – In the Mail & Guardian last week two very conflicting views of the future of BEE were presented. On the one side Reg Rumney argued that a different approach was needed. BEE deal making – the “transfer of equity and high-profile positions and windfalls for the politically connected” – had become discredited.

It had “at times” been a mask for corruption, set a bad example for society (of wealth too easily acquired), and had led to a “growing resentment of the enrichment that BEE deals seemed to represent.” Rumney concluded by argued against persisting with the current approach: “One definition of madness, the saying goes, is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results.”

On the other side of the argument stood Keith Levenstein the chief executive of EconoBEE. He argued that the policy was still necessary and – with having been tweaked a couple of years ago – simply needed to be implemented properly.

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BEE Knowledgeable – Workshops, Seminars and Conferences

Our half day BEE workshops are run regularly at our offices. In addition to the BEE workshop, we have introduced a workshop that will show companies how to optimise their BEE scorecard.

Our full day seminar educates companies on all aspects of BEE. The Practical Implementation of BEE seminar is held in:
Johannesburg – 25 February 2010
Cape Town – 25 March 2010
Durban – 15 April 2010

For more information on either workshop or our full day course please call EconoBEE on 0861 11 3094.

There is only one week to book for the first sustainability half day workshop. The purpose of this workshop is designed to be an introduction to sustainability. An introduction to what an ecological footprint is and what it means and how emissions add to climate change. The workshops are run in the afternoon at the EconoServ offices.

Introduction to sustainability and practical tips for your company will take place on 17th of February. For a complete schedule click here.

    Is BEE procurement a pain? Sort it out quick and easy – click here.

    Not sure how to get a BEE Scorecard, click here to see a demonstration of how best to produce your own BEE scorecard.
    EconoBEE Newsletter
    11 February 2010

    In this issue

    • Speeding up BEE – The BEE Council
    • Lack of agency capacity breeds BEE verification crunch
    • BEE: Dead or alive?

    In other news

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    Our company supports various organisations and drives the BEE Expert Group to help maintain and develop knowledge in the BEE industry.

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    Gavin and the EconoBEE Team

    Executive summary of B-BBEE

    Turnover below R5 million per annum – automatic BEE status

    Turnover above R5 million per annum – you need a BEE Scorecard. Our workshops, scorecard tools, procurement manager or advanced managed services will be best for you.

    Complete Managed BEE Service


    EconoBEE’s managed service includes; access to consultants, software tools, BEE Procured Procurement Database and training.

    10 Strategic Steps to B-BBEE!

    We have prepared an easy to follow guide “B-BBEE in 5 Minutes” and “Crash Course to BEE Verification” which explains BEE in a simple step by step approach.

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