EconoBEE Newsletter – January 2008 – Solve all your BEE problems in 2008

A New Year’s Resolution for you.

Solve all your BEE problems in 2008.

BEE has been a problem for many people for many years. Their customers would ask them for a BEE Scorecard or even mention BEE and someone would quickly send any questionnaires straight through the shredder in a mad panic to destroy anything BEE. As for the companies who kept the questionnaires, it gets delivered to the bottom of a big pile of other “more important” admin work that ultimately never gets filled in.

Your poor customers have to send the same questionnaire through time and time again only to be met with the same empty response. This unfortunately is not the best way to treat a customer, especially when they support your business by purchasing your products.

2008 can be different – all is not lost. Last year we had the introduction of the codes that marked the beginning of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment. 2008 is the year when company’s eyes are opened by the tremendous opportunities that BEE can bring to a business.

It is the beginning of a new year, you don’t yet have piles of admin on your desk, start 2008 in the right way – solve all your BEE problems in 2008.

Where do you start?

Start with our 10 steps and our 4 phase process to become BEE Compliant.

Announcing a new service from EconoBEE – Econolog – the best way to document your BEE activities.

You need to keep proper documentary evidence of your BEE activities in order to claim points!

Most companies are more compliant than they realise but fail to earn points due to lack of proper record-keeping. This is especially relevant to Skills Development – Enterprise Development – Socio-economic Development.

EconoLog – BEE Record Keeping and logging system is the easy way to store relevant information to score maximum points on your BEE Scorecard. EconoLog is a simple to use web based system that helps you with your documentation.

Our EconoLog – BEE Logging system helps you get all the points you deserve.

Questions and Answers from the BEE Expert Group

Q: Can one use one variable in 2 elements e.g. learners in skills development in enterprise development as well? Where is this stated in the Codes of Good Practice?
A: A company can not claim points twice, once for skills training and once for Enterprise Development. They need to…
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The BEE Expert Group provides expert knowledge on Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment. Register today to get valuable BEE information in an instant.

What should businesses look for in prospective BEE partners?

Press Article, written by Keith Levenstein, published by Your Business Magazine

Where would one start looking for potential BEE partners and what are the advantages and disadvantages of going this route?

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment is not only about ownership. Ownership is worth 20 points on the generic scorecard (for companies with an annual turnover of more than R35 million) and 25 points for QSEs – qualifying small enterprises with an annual turnover of between R5million and R35 million.

There are many advantages of having a black partner, and many pitfalls.

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Competition Commission decides…

Our recent complaint regarding ABVA has been evaluated by the Competition Commission which has come to the following conclusions and decisions:

In summary:
1) The dti does not make the use of a verification agency mandatory and the decision to accept or reject a scorecard must be made by the customer.

2) ABVA recommends, i.e. does not demand that you use an ABVA member for verification.

3) ABVA undertakes to raise awareness regarding our complaint to its members and will not condone that practice amongst its members.

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