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Take BEE to the Next Step

Once you have a basic understanding of BEE, start looking at where BEE will affect your business.


What do your customers require from you? Are you claiming all the points you deserve? How does this affect your business and staff? Where can you earn more points? How many points can you achieve? How many points do your customers need you to earn? How much is this going to cost – per point? How soon can you get the points? Do you have sufficient documentation to prove your points? What will happen if you don’t earn enough points? Do you supply Government? How unique is your product/service? Can your product/service be replaced easily? Are you able to manage your on-going BEE activities effectively? Do you know from which indicators you will score points? What do you estimate is your current score? Is this enough?

Every point on your BEE Scorecard is valuable – some cost you less than others.

Making full use of our 10 Step Process to BEE Compliance will ensure that your company not only understands BEE but is able to Make Business Sense out of BEE. 

 Agencies ‘wrong to deny self-rating’

Published by The Business Report

By Stephen Timm

Cape Town – Rating agencies are still sowing confusion among business owners by insisting that those who do business with corporates will have to get a black economic empowerment (BEE) rating from a verification agency as self-assessment will no longer be permitted.

On the other hand, the department of trade and industry says business owners can still conduct their own ratings.

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Embracing Skills Development

Thapelo Motloung

Published by Dinoka  

Looking at developments and interventions by private entities, academic institutions, local and central government it is quite evident that focus on skills development and service delivery is receiving serious attention at the highest levels of decision making. Signals of collaboration with countries well beyond our borders on this critical issue are also emerging, despite the massive socio-economic challenges facing us.

So, what are some of these recent initiatives?

Ekurhuleni/ Engineering Sector Skills Partnership

The Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality is seeking a partnership with the engineering sector with the view to addressing the priority skills shortages in the industry. The Ekurhuleni Municipality perceives engineering as a scarce skill which needs to be fast-tracked in order to impact positively on service delivery. The Municipality believes that partnering with the engineering sector on the one hand and the Development Bank of South Africa on the other will assist them towards addressing underdevelopment and backlogs in the townships.

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Getting an Understanding of BEE

Earning points on your scorecard is important. You only know when you have earned points when you understand BEE. We are hosting our seminar in JHB this Thursday (27th March 08) and in Durban (2nd April 08).

Our EconoLog launches have been very well attended and gave us an opportunity to “show off” our latest innovative idea. The last in the series of launches will be held in Durban (3rd April 08).

Looking forward to seeing you there.

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