EconoBEE wins again

Original publish date – Tue, 21 Jul 2009 10:29:36 +0000, Keith

An accredited BEE verification agency, BEE Ratings Solutions put out the following email yesterday:
(Tourism, Construction, and Forestry)

Dear Business Owner/ Procurement Manager,

The minister of Trade and Industry recently gazetted three sector codes for the Tourism, Construction, and Forestry industries.

This has a major impact on the Exempt Micro Enterprise (EME) thresholds of businesses in these sectors.

The threshold for EME’s in the Tourism sector is up to R2.5 million turnover per annum to qualify as an EME with 100% procurement recognition level. If you are a Built Environment Professional (BEP) in the Construction sector e.g. Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Consulting Engineers, the new threshold is up to R1.5 million turnover per annum. Large Enterprise scorecards for BEP’s will start at a turnover of above R11.5 million per annum.

BEE Rating Solutions is a SANAS accredited BEE Verification Agency, No. BVA 049, as well as a full member of ABVA, No. AM00014, and can assist you with the compilation of an independantly verified scorecard for all these sectors.

For more information visit our website at or contact
Bernard van der Walt
Phone: 0861 111 233(BEE)
Mobile: 082 885 0991
Fax: 086 500 2270



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This is obviously incorrect as they have not received accreditation from SANAS to do for anything other than codes 100-700 and 801-807. (Look at page 2 of their certificate).
We sent a formal complaint to SANAS, and have just been informed that the said agency will issue a retraction of their previous email. This will not be the first time that this agency has had to put out a retraction.
The situation remains:
1) There are no agencies accredited to verify any of the recently gazetted sector codes.
2) If any one does produce a certificate based no the sector code, that certificate will not be valid and CANNOT be used by any measured entity in its procurement calculation.
3) An entity in any of the three industries concerned: Construction. tourism or forestry is not allowed to unable to choose to use the codes of good practice instead.
This means that no entity in those industries will be able to produce a valid scorecard until the agencies are accredited to do their verification.
4) All companies that procure from those industries WILL loose substantial points on procurement.

We are still waiting for the dti to issue a comment.


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