It is no secret that South Africans have been overcharged for telecommunications and have rightfully been calling for reductions in internet and other costs for years.  Now, with recent technological advancements, EconoBEE is proud to announce their uncapped BEE consulting.


The increasing, and yet unsatisfied, demand for affordable and reliable BEE consulting created the need to uncap traditional expensive forms of consulting not unlike the recent offerings of uncapped internet; made possible by the upgrade in telecommunications infrastructure.


It is their unique but broad based approach to uncapped BEE consulting that has set EconoBEE apart from other such consulting firms.  “Our clients need points on a scorecard. We will do what it takes to ensure our clients get a comprehensive, complete service that assists them reach their empowerment goals” said Gavin Levenstein, Chief Operating Officer of EconoBEE.


Levenstein continued: “Uncapped BEE consulting was inevitable once the technology was in place. EconoBEE has been developing systems and strategies for years that have assisted thousands of companies to become BEE compliant”.


With the promulgation of current legislation, it is a South African imperative to get a BEE scorecard which not only includes a verified certificate but one with sufficient points to satisfy clients and win tenders honestly and in a way that does not undermine the impetus of B-BBEE.


Your company could gain the competitive edge it needs to succeed by getting a better BEE scorecard than your opposition.


While there is demand for a B-BBEE scorecard someone will be taking advantage, shouldn’t that someone be you?


For more information on uncapped BEE Consulting contact EconoBEE on (011) 483 1190 or visit www.econobee.co.za.

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