Eskom gets a Good BEE Scorecard – EconoBEE Newsletter 23 September 2009

EconoBEE – Newsletter September 2009

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Eskom gets a Good BEE Scorecard

Eskom have finally given us their BBBEE Scorecard. I found myself getting quite excited. Eskom a company that took ages to change their procurement policies and traditionally were rather difficult to deal with have now issued us with their Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment scorecard. Better yet they have done remarkably well. Reaching level 2 status for a large business is no easy task.

Why is this exciting? Eskom not only complied with the BBBEE codes but they made an effort to do well. Even better (dare I say it) they are leading the way for many large corporates and in particular government departments.

What’s next for Eskom? Eskom earned the least amount of points on Preferential Procurement. This is most likely due to the fact that they only recently started following true B-BBEE principles. Previously they were only interested in narrow-based BEE i.e ownership and management. In order for them to do better on their scorecard they will need to increase the amount of spend with BEE compliant suppliers who have a good scorecard. Interestingly enough they have reached all their points for black owned business (due to their previous insistence of using narrow-based BEE). I expect to see Eskom placing a far greater amount of pressure on their suppliers to give them a good scorecard. This is of course inline with the new draft regulations (PPPFA) that dictates how government must procure goods and services. The very good news is that any company with a good BEE score now has a fair chance of getting Eskom business. As you know a good BEE scorecard is made up of all seven elements.

JHB, only one week to go – BEE Procurement and Enterprise Development Conference

BEE is about points. This conference will show you how to get up to 35 points on your scorecard (generic) and as much as 50 on the QSE scorecard – a great opportunity to tender for Eskom business. We will also discuss in detail the draft PPPFA regulations which are a huge improvement and more fair way of adjudicating government tenders.

BEE Procurement is about knowing how many points your suppliers have. If you get a good response from your suppliers you can earn all the Preferential Procurement points available. Easy! However Procurement is an element that demands your time. If done correctly you can increase your points and save time by targeting a few suppliers. All delegates get a 12 month license for BEE Procured – a system that removes the admin around procurement, collecting scorecards and optimizes your procurement score.

Enterprise Development – All businesses have their pet projects that they support and help grow. This is Enterprise Development – the big question though is, “Does it earn you points?”. Whenever you invest time, effort or money into a small business you stand to earn BEE points – if done correctly. Enterprise Development happens all the time. Join us and find the best investments and how to spot new opportunities.

Attend our conference and learn how to earn 35 points by doing true empowerment.

Only a week to go

Only a week to go before the JHB conference – don’t miss this opportunity to get in-depth practical information about BEE Procurement and Enterprise Development.

The presentation is outstanding, the manual is incredibly detailed and included on the CD are many documents/templates to make sure you leave with all the tools you need to make BEE Procurement and Enterprise Development implementation practical in your business. Don’t forget, you will also get BEE Procured – Supplier Verification.


BEE Procurement and Enterprise Development Conference
Dates and Venues:1st October 2009 – JHB – Gallagher Estate
8th October 2009 – CPT – Belmont Conference Centre
15th October 2009 – DBN – Makaranga Garden Lodge
Cost:R3249.00 incl VAT
Booking:Contact 0861 11 3094 or or visit and fill in the online form or get the brochure.

    Practical Sustainable Development and Reporting

    How can a company make you feel good about using their products? If you feel good about supporting that company wouldn’t you buy more from them? Of course, I would. If I trusted them to give me good advice, I would take their advice.

    Here’s a nice example. I do a fair amount of running. As a runner I need a quality pair of running shoes. I need a shoe that fits my running style, is comfortable, meets my personal distance requirements etc… As a runner my shoes are the single most important piece of equipment. The wrong shoe could cause serious injuries that range from sore feet to stress fractures.

    I now need to buy my shoes. I have a few choices but in reality have two distinct options – large retailer or small specialty running shop.

    I choose a small specialty shop – why? I am not only paying for a pair of shoes, but also expert advice from experienced runners. If I make the wrong decision I will suffer so I take advantage of the most trustworthy reliable resource that I know. I also take into account pricing, payment method, location but I am prepared to support the same shop year after year quite simply because they make me feel more confident about “running” out their shop knowing that I have the right pair of shoes. They are not selling me running shoes but advice. If their experts were to leave their employ and even if their prices were to drop and they were to increase their range, they would lose my business. To keep their business sustainable they need to provide superior service and advice.

    How does this apply to your business?

    Business Sense! In business we make decisions to optimise our long term profits. Sustainability is a method that we can use to continue making profits without compromising ethics or quality or service or any other aspect of our business. Best of all various international organisations have designed reporting systems to help us measure and report on our business activities.

    Think about sustainability, when next you see an insurance company advertising their social responsibility projects or use ozone friendly products or support products that are not tested on animals. Think about sustainability when you see a delivery truck spewing diesel fumes with your favourite grocery store’s logo on it. Will you still be keen to support that store? Will you support a business that follows bad labour practices, and abuses its employees? Will you support the bank that supports good environmental policies? Will you support the bank that supports rugby or cricket? There is no single answer, but the banks know very well that to attract and retain clients they must follow the practises that their clients demand. (As an aside that is why they also support B-BBEE – it makes them more sustainable).

    Now look at your business and think about what you can do to make your business sustainable, and decrease the risk of closing the doors. Your first step is to analyse/assess where your business stands in its sustainable development journey – analyse the various indicators that are used to report on sustainable development.

    Practical Sustainable Development and Reporting Conference
    Dates and Venues:28th & 29th October 2009 – JHB – Gallagher Estate
    4th & 5th November 2009 – CPT – Belmont Conference Centre
    11th & 12th November 2009 – DBN – Makaranga Garden Lodge
    Cost:R6450.00 incl VAT
    Booking:Contact 0861 11 3094 or or visit and fill in the online form or get the brochure.

    Not sure if this is right for your business, why not give us a call (0861 11 3094) or send us a mail ( and we will give you all the advice you need to ensure you make the right decision.

    Is BEE procurement a pain? Sort it out quick and easy – click here.

    Not sure how to get a BEE Scorecard, click here to see a demonstration of how best to produce your own BEE scorecard.
    EconoBEE Newsletter
    23 September 2009

    In this issue

    • Eskom gets a BEE Scorecard
    • JHB, only one week to go – BEE Procurement and Enterprise Development Conference
    • Practical Sustainable Development and Reporting

    In other news

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    Our company supports various organisations and drives the BEE Expert Group to help maintain and develop knowledge in the BEE industry.

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    BEE Points = Happy Customers = Sustainable Business

    That’s it for the time being.
    Keith and the EconoBEE Team

    Executive summary of B-BBEE

    Turnover below R5 million per annum – automatic BEE status

    Turnover above R5 million per annum – BBBEE Scorecard Compliance

    EconoBEE – Knowledge Transfer

    BEE Procurement and Enterprise Development Conference – 1 Oct JHB, 8 Oct CPT and 15 Oct DBN

    Practical Sustainable Development Conference

    10 Strategic Steps to B-BBEE!

    We have prepared an easy to follow guide “B-BBEE in 5 Minutes” and “Crash Course to BEE Verification” which explains BEE in a simple step by step approach.

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