Extension for Verification

Original publish date – Mon, 03 Aug 2009 10:10:15 +0000, Keith

The minister has listened to us! The dti minister has issued a notice that extends the period for obtaining a valid verified certificate to 1st February 2010. He states: “All verification certificates issued by non-accredited verification agencies before 1st February 2010, will remain valid for 12 months from date of issue.

This effectively solves the sector code problem that we highlighted a month ago. It also means that an entity is entitled to use a non-accredited verification agency until 1st February.

This is also quite disturbing – the original notice was dated April 2009 and gave a four month period before which accredited verification was required. The extension is for a further 6 months – longer than the original period.

The minister does not define a “non-accredited verification agency”. Is it one that tries to follow the guidelines for verification, and if so how do we confirm that? Especially since the agency has not yet been accredited?

Is it an agency that has applied to SANAS for accreditation, or one that intends applying for accreditation? Is it simply a BEE consultancy that consults and verifies at the same time?

Is it an competent independent assessment agency, like an accountant that has verified a company’s scorecard?

Our position remains that we are consultants helping our clients with B-BBEE, but we do not produce scorecards.
I do see lots of arguments over this – between accredited or non-accredited, in possession of a pre-assessment letter or only applied, a member of ABVA or only a consultant!


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