Guide for Verification Agencies

The dti has issued a document called “Guide for Verification Agencies “, dated 31st October 2007.

On investigation, the dti (Rachel Sethaiso) informed us that this is a draft document, and they have no intention of distributing it. The document itself purports to be a complete work, and was sent to us by a verification agency (EMEX) as proof that our stance against ABVA is wrong. 

In terms of the FAIS act, our readers have a right to see this draft document, as it contains information that could be disastrous to BEE in South Africa.


We will be issuing comment on this document – please keep an eye on this site. 

Initial areas of Special Concern and comment:

1) All enterprises, other than EMEs will need a scorecard produced by a verification agencies if that scorecard is to be used by their customers in its procurement calculation. i.e.even QSEs will need to pay extra to obtain a scoercard – self-assessment is not acceptable.

2) The guide itself does not clarifiy many issues that it should have done.

3) Agencies need to be accredited by 9th February 2008 – the date at which this document comes into effect.

4) A company cannot use its suppliers’ self-rating scorecard – it must be via an accredited verification agency. This clearly implies that the first company to ask for a verification on 9th February 2008 will earn zero points on procurement, because no other company would have obtained an accurate scorecard! None of its suppliers will be able to give it an accurate accredited scorecard.



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