Have you read: The 21st CEE Report?

The 21st Commission of Employment Equity Report has been issued and it shed light on some Employment Equity developments. These are also in line with the Draft Amendment Bill that is still being reviewed in parliament.

As expected, the report has updated EAP targets which are useful in the quantitative analysis of each management level. These have changed slightly from last year:

The commission has consulted most of the business sectors to set sectorial targets. The finance and business sector has finalised the discussions. Based on these developments, all designated employers should be proactive and review their EEA12 and EEA13 to be prepared.

More changes are yet to come; give us a call to find out how best you can stay compliant with Employment regulations.

Did you Know?

  1. You don’t have to sell your company shares in order for you to earn points on the ownership scorecard. The B-BBEE codes allow for various means in which to earn points on ownership.
  2. There are tax benefits that you can claim through specific forms of skills development. Let us show you how.
  3. Long term strategies for enterprise and supplier development ensure you will earn points over several years regardless of unexpected changes to your NPAT.
  4. The Amendment to the Employment Equity Act, which was recently released, has far stricter penalties for employers who don’t take EE seriously. Employers that don’t comply can expect strict enforcement and harsher penalties – fines of up to R2. 7mil or 10% of annual turnover.
  5. You can maximize on the skills development scorecard without having to meet the target spend.
  6. For absorption points you do not have to absorb all the learners trained to claim your skills development. Let us show you how this can be achieved.

POPIA Compliance

We take both your privacy and the POPI Act seriously, and would like to inform you that EconoServices will continue to ensure that all measures are taken to safeguard your personal information.

We have put in place measures to ensure compliance with the requirements of the POPI act to prevent and stop the following:

  • No unauthorized access to personal information
  • No damage, accidental loss, misuse or destruction of any personal information on our records

This will allow us in turn to continuously improve our systems in use and ensure we operationally continue within the legal framework of the act. Should you however, feel you would like to change your consent or information on record please feel free to contact our information officer Dr Muriel Mushariwa.

You have the right to the following options in terms of your personal information:

  • Provide any updates such as address changes or contact details
  • To delete or remove your information
  • To inform us to stop contacting you

Should we not hear from you by 23 July 2021, we will take it that permission has been given to us to continue to retain the information and to continue to communicate with you.

Regarding our mailing list: No action is required if you are happy to stay on our mailing list and it will be accepted that you have consented to staying on. If you change your mind at any time in the future, you will always have the option to unsubscribe.

Best wishes and keep safe.

The EconoServ Team

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