Here are the disabled people

Original publish date – Thu, 18 Jun 2009 12:29:41 +0000, Keith

Recently I blogged about the difficulty in finding suitable disabled candidates. Coincidentally we have recently made contact with the Association for the Physically Disabled.  They are doing wonderful work for disabled people.

They have a recruitment arm called Skyward Bound and do training and lectures on assimilating disabled people into mainstream enterprises (Barriers Breakers). They can assist to see if your offices are disabled friendly via accessibility assessments. For example, do you have steps or a ramp into your building, and they advise on how best to cater for disabled people.

Someone once mentioned to me that “disabled” should rather be called “differently abled”.

They have various forms of assistance they provide to disabled people, and have various enterprise development initiatives such as a repair facility for wheelchairs and a small bakery they are trying to grow.

Did you know that by employing black disabled people you could earn up to 2 points on your generic employment equity scorecard and 3 points on your generic skills development scorecard? That’s 5 points in all – it’s worhtwhile taking another look at disabled people – start off by breaking your own emotional and subjective barriers via their excellent Barrier Breakers services.


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