I want my Company BEE Rated – EconoBEE Newsletter – 9 June 09

BEE Verification Conference – Prepare for BEE Verification

Two simple stages in getting your BEE Verification

  1. The Scorecard

  2. The Verification

1) You don’t get a scorecard from a verification agency – you get your existing scorecard verified! 
A company becomes BEE compliant by producing a BEE Scorecard. The more compliant they are the more points they have earned which in turn results in their customers earning points by dealing with them. Prior to a verification a company needs to keep records, document each activity and prepare their very own BEE scorecard. This scorecard will then serve as the “template” that the company uses when dealing with their verification agency.

2) The Verification. It is often easy to think about the verification as an independent “audit” of the company’s current BEE status. The verification agency checks the validity of the data and confirms the points claimed on your scorecard. A certificate is then issued.

Gift – Crash Course on BEE Verification – “I want my Company BEE Rated”

Download – We are so passionate about education, and understanding of BEE that we have prepared a crash course on BEE Verification. A short 5 minute guide to help everyone get a better understanding of BEE Verification.

The guide was written by our BEE experts in plain, simple English which ensures you get all the info you need quickly.

By simply understanding BEE and preparing your BEE scorecard you will find “easy” ways to improve your BEE scorecard.

“Understand BEE Verification and benefit your business”

EconoBEE Presents: Prepare for BEE Verification Conference

Dates:9th – JHB, 16th – CPT and 23rd – DBN July 2009 – 9:00am – 17:00pm
Dates and Venues:Gallagher Estate – JHB, Belmont Conference Centre – CPT and Makaranga Garden Lodge – DBN
Cost:R2850.00 excl VAT
Booking:Contact 0861 11 3094 or info@econobee.co.za or visit www.econobee.co.za and fill in the online form or get the brochure.

Early Bird Special – ending soon

Book and pay before 3 weeks before your attendance and get your very own license for EconoBEE V3 (worth R2500).

You should book now or you will miss out on an excellent opportunity to learn and understand everything about BEE Verification.

Other information:

The cost of this conference is R2850.00 excl VAT. The event will be held on the 9th July – JHB, 16th July – CPT and 23rd July – DBN.

You can contact us on (011) 483 1190/0861 11 3094 or info@econobee.co.za for more information. You can view more information on our website where you will also find a booking form.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Keith and the EconoBEE Team


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