ICT Charter

Original publish date – Sun, 15 Feb 2009 14:22:36 +0000, Keith

Reports are that the ICT charter has missed its deadline again. I continue to wonder why industries continue to have charters. So far no charter has been finalised – some are quite far down the line, but none has maded it to the final gazetting stage.

The transport charter is a huge document – they have created sub-charters for every industry within the tranport industry – even including forwarding and clearing!

All it has done is delayed the process, and given¬† some good business to consultants and lawyers. We ourselves have been involved in the legal charter – but we told them their charter will never be gazetted if they are going to change the definitions. In the end they published it as a “social charter”, hoping to get law firms to adopt it, but realising that the codes of good practise should be used instead.

Now, 2 years later theICT charter is still not ready, and unlikely to ever be finished – sounds a bit like the IT industry – they never seem to finish any program they start! Yes, a bit harsh, since I was in the IT industry for many years before starting EconoServ in 2000.


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