Is It Because Of BEE That We Find Incompetent Employees In Some Companies

Original publish date – Fri, 10 Jul 2009 10:28:20 +0000, MPUMULO MAPHOSA

Two weeks ago the newsletter titled “Mbeki wants BEE Scrapped” caused a big stir. It unraveled interesting issues, which disappointingly showed the long and steep climb that lies ahead in the BEE journey. Amongst the many issues raised, was the fact that BEE has allowed room for incompetence.

I’m in no position to judge anyone for the way they feel about BEE – either robbed or benefited. However, for the record there is definitely no part in the BEE Codes that promotes nepotism, incompetence, inefficiency or sub-standards. It remains an important hiring principle, to hire based on merit as opposed to nepotism. In all fairness, hiring an incompetent person, knowingly for that matter, is a nice way of planning for failure, which I believe no one does. This means that talent mining and talent intelligence remain as vital today in the BEE era as they were before.

The Dpt of Labour emphasizes on Employment Equity (EE) and BEE is nothing different. EE as one element that makes up the BEE scorecard emphasizes on policies that recognize race, ethnicity, or gender in an attempt to promote equal opportunities for all. Every leader, in whichever capacity, has a responsibility to assemble a vibrant team that complies with employment equity requirements, exactly what BEE subscribes to. It is absolutely baseless and unjustified to say BEE is the source of incompetence levels shown by some organizations – how about those successful ones? In fact, such incompetence levels to an extent represent that particular organization’s ineffective hiring practices and not BEE.

BEE is not about incompetence and incompetence is not about BEE. All there is in BEE is establishing equality without compromise and actively involving everyone in the mainstream economy.


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