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The employment equity act aims to redress the legislation of the past that limited access to the economy and to jobs for most of the designated groups, remove discrimination and give a fair and equal chance to designated groups. Designated groups are South African black people, Indian people, Coloured people, people with disabilities and woman. The EE act requires designated employers to monitor their workforce and for it to be demographically represented. Designated employers are required to submit annual reports of their progress towards reaching their goals and targets of their long term plan. An EE committee needs to drive the success of the plan and look at areas such as recruitment or promotions to improve the demographics. Unfortunately non compliance with the submissions or even non compliance in terms of reaching your set goals and target could mean that the DG of DOL can do a full review on your company. The new amendments to the EE act could impose a fine of up to R2.7 million or 10% of a company’s turnover for non conformances.

EconoHR is available to help companies with the statutory submissions as well as ongoing support to monitor the success of your plan.
Our process is below:
Employment Equity Committee:
•         Setting up and managing of the Employment Equity Committee
•         Attendance, guidance and minutes

EE Reporting:
•         Managing of the data on a regular basis – preparation of reports for EE committee meetings
•         Timely submission of accurate data to DOL

EE Record keeping
•         Ensure that all records all kept and stored

EE Compliance:
•         Ensure compliance with the act

EE Training:
•         Training for all relevant people on the EE Act