Launch of BEE Procured

Original publish date – Thu, 03 Sep 2009 09:39:23 +0000, Keith

Press Release
EconoBEE Announces the Launch of BEE Procured.

BEE Procurement accounts for 20 points on the broad based BEE scorecard. Points are the by purchasing from suitable supplies who themselves are BEE compliant, and have a BEE scorecard. The score depends on the type of supplier (size, percentage black ownership) as well as other technical aspects, such as a concept called value adding supplier. “It is important to take all aspects into accounts in order to maximize procurement points earned” explained Keith Levenstein CEO of EconoBEE.

Procurement is one element of the codes that does not have a specific target of spend. There is effectively no cost to the company to earn procurement points, unlike, for example, skills development where the company needs to spend 3% of its payroll to earn points. The difference though is procurement is quite an admin intensive task, and if done incorrectly will cost the company many points.

EconoBEE produced BEE Procured as a cost effective solution to the admin issue.
BEE Procured is a complete system that contains a database that with many thousands of valid scorecards, saving the company from having to call all its suppliers to get scorecard.. The database correctly analyses the scorecard to ensure that any points earn are maximized. BEE Procured goes even further. It allows the company to capture, or even import the names of their suppliers and the value of spend with the supplier. Using Link Technology BEE Procured then allows the company to quickly find valid scorecards for each of its suppliers. BEE Procured automatically and instantly calculates the points earned for its procurement.

If there is no scorecard for that supplier, BEE Procured will attempt to contact the supplier and obtain his BEE scorecard or certificate. Once obtained, the system will automatically take the updated scorecard into account and recalculate the points earned.

Many companies see procurement as an insurmountable admin issue and often ignore procurement or lose points. BEE Procured will typically decrease the time and effort to do procurement by up to 80%.


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