Make sure your prospective BEE Ownership Partner has a BEE certificate.

Original publish date – Wed, 06 Oct 2010 11:34:33 +0000, Keith

We come across hundreds of black owned companies, all hoping to invest in your business. They tout themselves as being the ideal BEE partner. We have seen hundreds of deals, and companies advertising their new BEE partner. Our usual approach is to calculate the points they will earn as a result of the deal.

In addition we also look to see if this ideal BEE partner themselves have a BEE certificate, and invariable they do not. As far as I am concerned a company that sets itself out to be a BEE Partner, should also make the effort to obtain their own BEE certificate. Unfortunately this seldom happens. We could name hundreds of companies that think they are an ideal BEE partner, because they are majority black owned, but if they don’t bother to get their own BEE certificate, I have to suspect that they are not genuine about transformation and B-BBEE. If they were genuine surely they would want the whole world to know what their own BEE credentials are. In many cases they have not even bothered to do a self-assessment.

Often the company web site talks about empowerment, but seldom do they put their own BEE Certificate on the site, yet they use their “empowerment” credentials to get business, and to make deals.

If you do not have a BEE certificate showing at least level 4, you do NOT have good empowerment credentials.

Try the following exercise: Google “Black owned investment company”, and then look at each of their web sites, and see how many businesses are hoping to be BEE partners, but have no BEE certificate on their site.


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