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Management of Learners for Skills Development – EconoBEE Newsletter – 14 June 2013

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Management of Learners on Supported Skills Development Initiatives

As an employer you have an obligation to expend monies on training and development of staff.  You know that you can glean valuable BBBEE points if you do so and you also know that you get some tax relief against your SDL’s.  Now in the panic to attain the above it is important that you make the initiative one of value rather than just a “something that has to be done”.

Development initiatives represent a partnership between an organisation and an individual.  Meaningful development is a function of mutual accountability, effort and commitment both in ensuring access to appropriate training programmes and in creating opportunities for individuals who may not have had an opportunity to gain a qualification previously or an employee who has many years of experience but with no tertiary qualification to support their performance at work.   Development is an opportunity for employees to test their mettle against challenging career goals.

It is imperative that you choose development initiatives that are going to add value to your business in the long term.  It is also vitally important that you achieve some sort of success rate for the good of the business as well as for the staff elected to participate on the development programmes.  There is nothing sadder than setting someone up to fail and this at huge cost to the business too.
So the question is how do you best go about this process?

  • Set up a committee of interested stake holders i.e. supervisors, line managers and heads of department.
  • Identify training and development courses that are pertinent to the business needs.
  • Access the best possible training and other providers.  Your core business is not training and development so leave it to those who know how to best deliver a training and development programme.
  • Commit to a pilot phase so that any issues can be effectively and timeously managed.
  • Initially less is always more – start with small numbers of employees .
  • Ensure that trainees understand that their personal commitment is key to their own success.
  • Attitude rather than IQ drives success.  This is applicable to both employer and employee.
  • Continual and transparent reporting is vital to the success of any training initiative.
  • With an integrated approach trainees will be afforded exposure to life skills, interactive learning and development and a full spectrum of competencies required to support the evolution of successful careers.
  • Anticipate a drop out rate – it is normal.
  • Anticipate too a success rate that will add value to your business in the long term.
  • Know that you are able to and will make a difference.
  • Don’t stress this is do-able albeit difficult at times.

Supported training initiatives are successful training initiatives and represent huge progress in an environment that is ripe for the picking.
For more information or for assistance please contact JENNY O’CONNOR, jenny@computerfundamentals.co.za


Future Proofing your BEE Activities

The minister issued draft revised codes last year. Reports say that the dti is trying to issue them as a final code by July. While we are 99.9% certain this will not happen – in fact we doubt it will be issued at all this year – it is still wise to take into account some of the new issues that we expect to be in the final codes.

We call it “Future Proofing your BEE Activities”.

Although it is impossible to start implementing activities exactly in line with the revised codes it makes perfect sense to ensure that activities you are implementing are still in favour with the revised codes. Embark on BEE activities now that make sense and will be a long term feature of the codes. Since BEE itself is a long term process, implement activities that are sustainable and will be acceptable to the revised codes, will cause less disruption to your business and help you gain a much needed competitive edge.

For example we know that the minister wants to change Procurement and Enterprise Development to an all encompassing Supplier Development. In other words support your suppliers – businesses you purchase from, rather than other businesses that have direct relationship to your business. At the moment both are acceptable, but start looking at your suppliers in more detail, discuss and find better ways of supporting them.

Another great example is that the revised codes are phasing out internal training. The minister is very keen on skills development, and has suggested that only accredited training institutions be used to earn BEE points, removing the in-house, informal training. It would be wise to investigate formalizing some of your own internal training to become Seta accredited, and to start looking now for suitable learnerships. Begin looking for opportunities to send your staff on formal qualification courses. You will gain a large number of points and when the revised codes are eventually gazetted you will be ready.

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Good Preparation for verification is the major contributing factor to earning a successful score. EconoBEE’s Prepare for Verification and Future Proof your BEE Activies conference aims to make the BEE verification process less stressful by showing you all of the tips and tricks to earn maximum points.

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Status of the B-BBEE Amendment Bill

The B-BBEE Amendment Bill is progressing in parliament. It is at the discussion stage, and seems to have fairly widespread support. It could well be passed by parliament before the end of July.

Its two main objectives is to combat fronting, and to appoint a BEE Commissioner to investigate fronting and issue interpretations.

The act is different to the BEE codes. The codes set out how to become compliant. The act mandates the minister to issue the codes. When the act is passed it will not affect the existing codes at all. The amendment will not change any definitions in the codes and will have little effect. The current codes are the ones issued on 9th February 2007 or a relevant sector code. The dti is talking about issuing updated codes, but this will only be many months away, or even a year or two.

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EconoBEE Newsletter
  18 June 2013

In this issue

  • Management of Learners on Supported Skills Development Initiatives
  • Future Proofing your BEE Activities
  • Status of the B-BBEE Amendment Bill

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