Ministries must work together

Original publish date – Fri, 12 Jun 2009 07:51:30 +0000, Keith

An article in the Business Report quoted the new minister of trade and industry, Rob Davies, as saying ministries must work together and specifically mentioned the need to help grow SMMEs.

It’s time for the minister to “walk the talk”.  It time to talk to his colleagues in treasury, energy and those responsible for state owned enterprises to get their act in order – one single BEE code will help SMMEs, and improve BEE compliance. It time to stop making so many demands on SMMEs, like the requirement to have their BEE scorecard verified, and allow self-assessments.

The minister proudly states that regulations have been put in place in the new companies act to make compliance easier.

So they ease one area only to add red tape somewhere else!

The minister also states that government is trying to pay its SMME suppliers in 30 days. This is a big improvement over the existing situation of 3-6 months. However the enterprise development codes state that enterprise can earn BEE points by paying COD, or at least within 10 days. so once again government is setting stadnards for us, that they are not prepared to try to meet.

At least the minister is making the right noises – it’s time for him to really understand how SMMEs operate and the challenges they face and DO something.


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