New BEE Scorecard – EconoBEE V3 – Newsletter 27 Nov 08

BEE Points = Business

BEE compliance has become a major influence on the way South Africans do business. If you have a BEE scorecard, you have a better chance of being awarded business. If you are able to give a scorecard with a good score you stand an even better chance of winning the business.

“Get a BEE scorecard – Get the Business you Desire”

Announcing EconoBEE V3 – getting a B-BBEE Scorecard for your business can not be any easier

EconoBEE, SA’s leading BEE Consultancy, Scorecard and Documentation solution provider has taken the future of BEE scorecards to a new level. EconoBEE’s revolutionary BEE Scorecard documentation process (EconoLog) has saved large corporates millions of rands and earned them many points within weeks of implementation.


We are now extremely proud to announce the next generation of EconoBEE Scorecard tools – EconoBEE V3. EconoBEE V3 is an online tool that is a quicker, easier, more accurate way of producing a BEE scorecard certificate. In addition, the level of help has been greatly enhanced, ensuring any aspect of the BEE codes are analysed and transformed into a business friendly user guide. EconoBEE V3 prides itself on the ability to seamlessly produce a scorecard with its intuitive structure and ease of use. EconoBEE provides support all the way through the process, so you not only get a scorecard, but maximise it at the same time.


The document manager and template builder helps users create all required documentation instantly with the assurance that it is accurate and well thought out.


Launch Price


EconoBEE V3 will be available for an annual subscription of R2500.00 incl VAT an upgrade from EconoBEE Scorecard Version 2 is R1250.00 incl VAT.


Launch special to the end of December 2008: Only R2000.00 incl VAT

Register on our website, and create a BEE scorecard – today.

You will find it extremely difficult to do well on your BEE scorecard if you are not well prepared. Prepare yourself, earn the points and save money by implementing BEE the EconoBEE way.

“Understand BEE and benefit your business”


Register now or you will miss out on an excellent opportunity to produce a BEE scorecard.

Contact information:

You can contact us on (011) 483 1190/0861 11 3094 or This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it for more information. You can view more information on our website.

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