New Mining Charter released

Original publish date – Wed, 30 Jun 2010 14:29:06 +0000, Keith

The minister of mineral resources has released the latest mining charter. See

My only comment before I get down to studying it in great detail is: Why on earth can the mining charter not fall under a charter as contemplated in the B-BBEE codes of good practice?
The new charter still has no relevance to the B-BBEE codes: It was produced and is controlled by the department of mineral resources. It does not use a scorecard. It does set some targets, but nowhere as clear as the B-BBEE codes. The B-BBEE codes allow for charters, so why can’t the mining charter be aligned to the codes and gazetted? Cynics will say that the dti is too slow. Cynics will say that the B-BBEE codes are not good enough for the mining industry. My cynic will say this is the same governmernt we are dealing with and there is no reason why different departments and ministers should not be consistent. If the dti is not good enough, why is it managing the rest of the codes. If is good enough why does the dept of mineral resources not ask the dti to do the job? If the dti’s mandate does not apply to the mining industry why not? If the B-BBEE codes do not apply to the mining industry, why can’t they. If the mining industry has a better set of codes or transformational policies, why does the rest of South Africa not adopt it, and the dti then follow the mining industry?

The main point here is consistency, and by not being consistent the government causes confusion and this fosters excuses to not comply with any of the legislation.

And guess what? The level of compliance remains extremely low.


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