EconoBEE has released version 3 of its popular BEE scorecard software tool

EconoBEE V3 boasts a number of improvements and features over the previous version:

  • It is an on-line system – allowing EconoBEE to better support clients and make instant updates available.
  • It requires users to answer a minimal number of questions, making it easy to use.
  • It produces an instant BEE scorecard calculation allowing companies to produce a fast and accurate BEE scorecard.
  • It emphasises the need to gather evidence in order to substantiate any score achieved, and helps a company prepare for a final verification.

Keith Levenstein, CEO of EconoBEE explained that becoming BEE compliant is a way of life in South African business. BEE equals business, but a good BEE score equals a lot more business. The only way to get a good BEE score is to understand BEE issues and to take various actions that will earn points. EconoBEE V3 helps with those calculations, but also helps businesses understand the codes so that they make the best decisions to maximize those point

“Many people believe that they cannot become BEE compliant unless they sell shares in their business. This is not true. You can earn a high score by concentrating on the seven elements of BEE- ownership, management, employment equity, skills development, preferential procurement, enterprise development and socio-economic development.” comments Levenstein

It is far easier to earn a high score than many people realise. Scores depend on the size of the business – if a business has an annual turnover of between R5 and R35 million then it only needs to earn points on 4 of the 7 elements. Many of these businesses could achieve a good score of level 2 which will help them tremendously in doing business with large corporations

All that is really necessary is to do the calculations and take some decisions in the business. EconoBEE V3 does most of the work for you

While it is becoming mandatory to produce a certificate by an SANAS accredited verification agency, EconoBEE V3 helps companies identify their scores even before they call in the verification agency. It serves no purpose in getting a certificate that shows the business is non-compliant. Your customers want a good score. EconoBEE V3 is the answer

For more information contact

EconoBEE- 0861 11 3094

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