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Insubordination vs. Insolence

Insubordination vs. Insolence Employers and Human resources personnel experience a common problem distinguishing between insubordination and insolence. Let’s first define the two terms in order to eradicate the grey area that exists: Insubordination refers to the intentional refusal to obey an employer’s lawful and reasonable orders. Insolence refers to cheeky, rude, abusive or contemptuous language,

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Lianne Friedman
29 Aug

We Are Years Ahead Of The Pack

5 years ago we started being concerned about some educational trusts, employee trusts and broad based schemes. Not because we talk on behalf of govt or anyone else, but because we saw the huge risk of our clients earning zero points for doing lots of work, and wasting money when not done correctly. 5 years

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lumko learning
22 Aug

EconoServ Partners with Lumko Learning

Businesses need to continually train their staff, but the methods they chose to train could significantly influence the success of the training. In line with this, EconoServ has partnered with Lumko Learning to offer strategic training solutions. EconoServ CEO Lianne Friedman, says business-based training and development has been slow to adapt to modern technologies. “Most

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Lumko Learning logo
14 Aug

Compliance Stress

Last week the BBBEE Commission announced that it would be investigating 17 companies for possible fronting. We have compiled a detailed analysis and have a link to the list of the company names – more info… Compliance Stress There are many stress factors in the work place. There are deadlines that are not reached on

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B-BBEE Commission Disappoints

The business landscape has changed. Now more than ever external experts are needed to help business achieve the best possible results. Contact one of our consultants to see how we can assist your business achieve great results. B-BBEE Commission Disappoints We had hopes that the B-BBEE Commission (BEE Commission) would help stop fronting when it

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