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Lianne Levenstein CV

Lianne Levenstein is the young and lively CEO of EconoServ. One would think that she has achieved it all but this only marks the beginning of her milestones. Lianne started from the bottom. In proving her worth and working herself out of her position, she became a senior consultant, consulting manager and general manager before

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17th CEE Annual Report – 15 May 2017

More so than ever, transformation, radical economic transformation, BEE and employment equity are under the spotlight and it is imperative for all companies to comply with the relevant legislation. The recently issued Commission for Employment Equity results shows that many companies have not followed through with their plans in implementing employment equity changes. Minister of

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sector codes rob davies
11 May

BEE Sector Codes Creating Confusion

When the BEE amended codes were launched nearly five years ago, the intention was to make the codes simpler and encourage transformation. But since then the codes have done the opposite. They have become more complex, causing confusion in the market and harming transformation. Businesses needing to adhere to the new sector codes, and previously

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JSE Compliance vs Public Enterprises

BEE regulations state that organs of state, public entities and JSE listed companies must report on their compliance to the BEE Commission. We asked the BEE Commissioner what the status of reporting is:   I know compliance by JSE companies is low. How many public entities and organs of state have reported? @bbbeecommission @Zodwantuli

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