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Who is EconoServ

EconoServ comprises of EconoBEE, a BEE advisory firm and EconoHR which specialises in Employment Equity compliance

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Keith Levenstein speaks to Tony Blewitt about EconoBEEs BEE Procurement and Enterprise Development Conference. BEE is not only about points, EconoBEE consults to companies to help them implement Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment effectively and benefit their business.

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Financial Sector Codes are now released

Financial Sector code The FSC is still in draft phase. Parliament is getting quite concerned about the financial sector code and the slow pace of transformation in the financial sector. They are holding public hearings on the matter this week, and next week to try to sort this out. There...


WSP and ATR deadline April 2017 – 7 March 2017

Well known BEE consultancy, EconoBEE, a division of the EconoServ group, is a successful leader in the BEE industry. We have many clients gaining value from our extensive experience. The good news is that we have expanded that process to EconoHR. EconoHR is a newly created division of EconoServ specialising...

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The CCMA – The documents needed, time scales and procedures? Answering affidavit, and the types of applications that can be made

Applications to the CCMA are dealt with in terms of Rule 31 of the rules of the CCMA. Various types of applications can be made, including for condonation, joinder, substitution, variation or rescission. Let us look at one of these as an example of what it entails to bring an...

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Kickstart 2017 – Events calendar – 6 February 2017

  2017 has already started off in an exciting and busy way. We can’t wait to help more companies comply and navigate their way around the complex legislation. Training and development has always been part of our culture. We have updated our events calendar for 2017 and have many exciting...

CCMA commissioners come down harshly upon employers – 15 November 2016

South Africa has possibly the most prescriptive and restrictive labour legislation in the world. Dismissals have to be both procedurally correct and substantively fair. Even if dismissals fulfill this requirement; many are challenged because although a CCMA application might be frivolous and vexatious; punitive costs awards against an ex-employee are...

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Empowering Supplier Temporarily Scrapped – 1 November 2016

    EconoBEE is an expert consultancy. Our advice has allowed many organisations to work through and implement long term sustainable strategies that remain inline with the essence of the BEE legislation. Our Managed Service is an effective consulting service to effectively manage BEE. Alternatively if you have a scheme...

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EE Compliance Requirements

#EECompliance Good Practice: Planning, Preparation, Implementation Employment Equity Plans The Department of Labour released the Code of Good Practice on Employment Equity Plans (EE Plans) on the 30th September 2016 after the document was issued for public comment on the 3rd September 2016. The objective of this code is to...

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Draft Construction Sector Code Workshop – 11 October 2016

        Draft Construction Sector Workshop The draft construction sector code has been signed for approval by the minister of the DTI. The draft construction sector code will now be available for a 60 day commentary period. The commentary period will end in December 2016 and will most...

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Invitation: Labour Law – 28 September 2016

      EconoServ expands: Labour Law Labour law is an important aspect of your business.  It is fraught with problems if done incorrectly, but a breeze if all procedures are followed. No one likes appearing in the CCMA, or paying money for making a mistake. EconoHR is launching a...

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EE and Demographics

The demographics of South Africa are roughly 90% African, Coloured, Indian and 10% White, unfortunately most demographics of companies are far from this. The EE act aims to redress this issue and improve the demographics through good skills development and mentoring of individuals to be promoted. Compliance with the Employment...

Equal pay for equal work

The concept of equal work for equal pay is one of the main amendments to the act and entails remuneration of staff that do the same or similar job. But can depend on the performance between the individuals, length of service or qualification and competence