Nothing beats a BEE scorecard with good points

Original publish date – Mon, 25 May 2009 10:32:30 +0000, Cornilius

Many companies in South Africa are working towards getting BEE scorecards in place. They have realised that having a scorecard in place is one easy way of winning business over competitors. As a result, even more companies are enquiring about the scorecard after realising they are lagging behind as each day passes. Time has now passed for cheap bickering and complaining about BEE.

Since many companies now have a scorecard in place what determines who wins business over who is no-more just a scorecard. Rather it is a scorecard with good points. This is for the simple reason that customers will always prefer a scorecard with the highest number of points where they are faced with more than one company with scorecards. In response, cleverer companies have realized the importance of going through a consultation process with a recognized BEE consultancy before they think of the verification process. By so doing these clever companies have put themselves way ahead of their competitors. Going through consultation and working on your own scorecard before verification results in the most desirable scorecard for any company.


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