PPPFA and Treasury tries to clear waters.

Original publish date – Tue, 06 Dec 2011 11:27:23 +0000, Keith

The Treasury Dept has issued guidelines to be implemented for the new PPPFA regulations coming into effect tomorrow (7th December).

They have fixed up the errors we identified, and which we had requested them to change – i.e. EMEs that fall into the Tourism or Construction sectors have different EME thresholds. In the original regulations it did not specify that certain sector have different thresholds – it made the blanket statement that EME’s have a turnover of less than R5 million, but did state that the regulations are in line with the B-BBEE Codes.

They have now clarified that an EME is one with an annual turnover of less than R5 million, unless you fall into the tourism sector where the threshold is R2.5 million and the Built Environment Professionals sector where the EME threshold is less than R1.5 million

The second issue relates to acceptable certificates:

The guidelines relating to verification agencies state that certificates will be identifiable by a SANAS logo and a unique BVA number. All certificates bear this logo, other than EMEs, because SANAS has not accredited any agencies to issue certificates for EMEs. No EME certificate issued by a verification agency is allowed to carry the SANAS logo.

The guidelines also do mention with respect to EMEs that “Sufficient evidence to confirm a qualifying EME is a certificate issued by an Accounting Officer (as contemplated in the CCA), a similar certificate issued by a Registered Auditor or a Verification Agency.”

We have spoken to Treasury and they confirm that the intention is for an EME certificate, like all certificates to carry the SANAS logo. While there could well be a legal challenge to the slight ambiguity in the guidelines, there is no doubt that every procurement officer affected by the PPPFA is going to look for a SANAS logo, and if one is not present on the certificate, they will automatically reject it.


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