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Time is running out quickly! Did you know that your BEE Scorecard is best measured on audited financial statements. Why? All data that applies on your BEE scorecard must be measured over a 12 month period. If the data falls out of the 12 month period it will not be included in your current BEE Scorecard. The good news is EconoBEE is here to help.

If your turnover is below R5 million per annum then you need an EME Pack to prove your BEE Status.

Turnover above R5 million but below R35 million – Our team of consultants are on hand to help solve your BEE problems. However our easy to use self help tools just might be your ideal solution. If you need a scorecard right away our EconoBEE Scorecard tool will help you calculate your scorecard within hours which will help you prepare for a BEE Verification. If you don’t feel like phoning all of your suppliers simply search for them in our massive BEE Procured database.

Turnover above R35 million – let our top level experts design a strategy for you that makes sense to your business. Our complete managed service will handle all your BEE queries to ensure your transformation goals are met.

If you don’t have a scorecard, now is the time to get one. EconoBEE Scorecard will help you calculate a BEE Scorecard before it is too late.

Practical Guide to B-BBEE

We are very excited to announce that bookings have just opened for our famous Practical Guide to B-BBEE full day seminar to be held at Gallagher Estate on 24th March 2011.

EconoBEE is an expert BEE consultancy and training company that has been operating in this field since 2005. We have been featured in the press and been interviewed numerous times on radio and television. Our approach to Broad Based BEE has been implemented by thousands of companies around South Africa. Through our advice and support our clients have managed to become BEE compliant quicker and easier with no disruption or restructuring to their existing business. Our interpretations have shaped the current legislation, highlighted fronting and fraud and overall increased the rate of BEE implementation.

Our Practical guide to B-BBEE seminar will offer many useful tips for BEE beginners to help them create a BEE Scorecard.

What we will cover?
Our approach to Broad Based BEE is very practical. Firstly we demystify the legislation, the requirements of business and the real reason “why we need BEE”. We discuss the solutions in terms of government policies and the best methods to implement those methods. We then explain what businesses need to achieve and how they can do this without restructuring their business.

Later on we cover the practical implications of the scorecard and how to calculate a BEE Scorecard using simple examples. We cover the elements and how each element works, how to earn points on each element and how to ensure maximum benefit accrues through each element.

Finally we practically run through a live scenario from delegates to show how easy and effective Broad Based BEE can be for your business.

Our presenter – Keith Levenstein has presented BEE training courses since 2005. He is widely regarded as a leading BEE expert. His practical approach to BEE compliance makes his courses both knowledge filled and highly entertaining. His approach quickly entices detailed discussions, practical scenarios and impact that cannot be compared to any other presenter. His reviews from past courses are phenominal, resulting in many happy delegates. More importantly, the quality of the manual he prepares is of a very high standard. The manual includes all course material, notes, reference notes and an electronic copy of all legislation applicable is provided.

More info
Bookings are open and will fill up fast. The course will be on the 24th of March 2011 at Gallagher Estate.

The price of the course is R3249 incl VAT per delegate which includes manuals, notes and practical information. This cost also includes tea/coffee and lunch.

Please contact our office on 011 483 1190 or email for more information. Online bookings are available from Alternatively please download our booking form and fax it to 011 483 1195.


Is your year end near?

Your BEE scorecard is based on your financial information which means you can still earn points. If you wait you might not earn the BEE points you need. Contact us and we will help manage your BEE Scorecard for you.

While there is demand for a B-BBEE Scorecard someone will be taking advantage, shouldn’t that someone be you…

Want us to manage your BEE Process – simple 10 steps to BEE Compliance.

Use our pre-prepared “Verification Ready” documents and templates in your business – contact us for more.

Turnover below R5 million – find out how to get your BEE Exemption.

Is BEE procurement a pain? Sort it out quick and easy – click here.

EconoBEE Newsletter
16 February 2011

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  • Practical Guide to B-BBEE

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EconoBEE is an expert BEE consultancy. EconoBEE helps businesses Become BEE Compliant, prepare for verification, earn maximum BEE Points and ensure that they achieve the BEE Level they need to get more business.

Our services include BEE Management Systems, Training, EME Pack, Complete Managed Services; consulting and advisory and Procurement Solutions.

As leaders in the industry we are driven to help maintain and develop knowledge in the BEE industry.

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Gavin and the EconoBEE Team

Executive summary of B-BBEE

Turnover below R5 million per annum – automatic BEE status

Turnover above R5 million per annum – you need a BEE Scorecard. Our workshops, scorecard tools, procurement manager or a complete managed services will be best for you.

Complete Managed BEE Service


BEE success starts with a practical understanding of BEE, the scorecard and the elements on the scorecard.

10 Strategic Steps to B-BBEE!

We have prepared an easy to follow guide “B-BBEE in 5 Minutes” and “Crash Course to BEE Verification” which explains BEE in a simple step by step approach.

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