“I want my company rated”

Original publish date – Tue, 17 Mar 2009 12:39:03 +0000, Keith

We often get a call like the above. The client wants a BEE rating or certificate. We always explain that we are not a rating agency and ask if the client already has a scorecard. Invariably the client will say they have no scorecard, which is why they are phoning us! It is quite confusing.

We then have to explain you don’t get your company rated, as many people perceive a rating – it is getting your existing scorecard verified.
As much as they might want it, a company can unfortunately not ask someone to come in and give them a rating – they have to work towards building up the scorecard. With our help we can identify those business activities that earn points, and calculate the points the company has earned. We can also help the company identify strategies to increase and optimize those points. However, in the end, the points are a reflection of the company’s own activities and decisions.


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