“It’s too early”

I regularly do talks for various industry associations, Microsoft Professionals, Cleaning Association, Security Association etc.

I approached an association to offer to do a talk (I usually do not charge, as I get business from referrals), and I have just received their response. “It’s still too early”.

I am gob-smacked. This industry desperately needs assistance. Their customers are large corporations who really need their suppliers’ to give them a BEE scorecard.

Now we have a director of this association who believes it is too early. The fact remains that we have many clients in his industry which is why we approached him in the first place.

How short-sighted can a person be? Even if he (obviously) is one of the antibees (*), he has a duty towards his members. By ignoring BEE, he is harming his membership, or at best not providing them with the services they need.

When will education on BEE not be too early? When his members have lost their business? That will be too late.


(*) antibees – a terms we have coined for people who are against the concept of broad-based black economic empowerment.

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