Refined BEE Codes – salient points

Salient notes from The DTI presentation. Please note this is an unedited version of the presentation presented. More detail will become available shortly.



BEE Codes Notes
Slide 1
Sub min on O, Skils, supp development
Ownership – 40% net value
Skills – 40% whole element
Sup dev – 40% for proc and ED
Slide 2
Discounting by one level
EME/QSE who are 100% black owned both count as black owned
EME/QSE who are 51% black owned level 2
Slide 3
EME 10m
QSE 50m – (no choice of 4 elements – all 7 – Nomonde comment)
Generic – above 50m
Slide 4
40% net value
Clarity on family trust
Clarity on RSA based investments
Enhanced provisions for private equity
Slide 5
Ownership continued
Increased weighting from 20 to 25
Points base broadened (in other words bonus points have been included in the main section)
New entrants increased to 50m
Conslidated ownershi fulfilment and net value.
Slide 6
Junior management has been included
Aligned Maagement with EAP targets
Targets aligned to EE report targets
Provided the EAP targets for enterprises based on provinces
Slide 7
Skills development
Cat F and G is limited to 15%
6% target maintained
Introduced a 15% cap for non-core training costs – eg accomodation
Clarified the international training that meets a SAQA standard
Slide 8
Enterprise and Supplier Development
Imports remains excludable – however only in sectors designated by the minister
Replaced the concept of value adding as follows
“an empowering supplier within the contextof B-BBEE is ab-bbee compliant entity which can demonstrate that its production”
Slide 9
Empowering supplier
Large should comply with at least 3 wheras QSE only 1
slide 10
SEE pic
Slide 11
SED – no changes

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