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Draft Construction codes, more complicated than you think

The draft Construction sector codes were issued on the 28th of October in terms of section 9 (5) of the BEE Act. The draft Construction sector code will now be available for a 60 day commentary period. The commentary period will end at the end of December 2016. Thereafter the minister may gazette as an official sector code. Companies will most likely be implementing the amended Construction sector codes in the next verification in 2017.

The draft Construction Sector code has some positive features. It gives some new interpretations, which will help with verification. However the draft codes are a lot more complex than the standard amended codes. Many areas, but especially skills development, and the re-named Procurement and Supplier Development element must be approached from a different viewpoint. Different admin and different strategies will need to be implemented in order to do well on this code. For example, targets for skills development have been dropped to 2% from 6%, but will require a completely different approach. The code uses demographics but at one point refers to the previous codes adjustment for gender!

The draft Construction Sector code will require a clear and focused plan to achieve good results.

The dti appreciates any comments, but they must be well thought out and relevant to the objectives of the codes.

Join us for an informative Half Day session on the 17th of November. We cover the technical details and help you with comments and a submission. We also help you prepare for the likely gazetting of the codes with the strategies you will need to be successful.

Construction Sector videos:

Course details
Title: Construction sector workshop
Date: 17 November 2016
Time: 08h30 for 09h00-13h00
Venue: 435 Rugby Avenue, Ferndale
Cost: R1 710 incl VAT

Download a booking form and email to secure your seat. Seats are limited. Additional information and a full calendar of all our courses are available on our website.

ICT Sector Code gazetted

The Amended ICT codes were gazetted on the 7th of November. There is not much difference from the ICT draft codes to the final version, however it is critical for all ICT (Information Communication Technology) companies to be aware of what they need to do for the future.

Summary of the scorecard

ElementsGeneric Scorecard     QSE Scorecard
Management Control2315
Skills Development2025
Enterprise and Supplier DevelopmentPreferential procurement2520
Supplier Development105
Enterprise Development155
Socio Economic Development1212
Total 130107

Although there are more points available for the generic scorecard, the QSE scorecard is much harsher as there are less points available. The revised points to level table for ICT companies will result in more companies achieving a lower level especially for QSE’s.

Points to level table

B-BBEE StatusQualificationB-BBEE recognition level
Level  One Contributor>=120 points on the ICT Scorecard135%
Level  Two Contributor>=115 points on the ICT Scorecard125%
Level  Three Contributor>=110 points on the ICT Scorecard110%
Level  Four Contributor>=100 points on the ICT Scorecard100%
Level  Five Contributor>=95 points on the ICT Scorecard80%
Level  Six Contributor>=90 points on the ICT Scorecard60%
Level  Seven Contributor>=75 points on the ICT Scorecard50%
Level  Eight Contributor>=55 points on the ICT Scorecard10%
Non-Compliant Contributor<55 points on the ICT Scorecard0%

Even though the empowering supplier criteria have been temporarily suspended, it is important to note that the ICT council has applied their mind to the concept and had introduced 2 additional criteria to make it more possible to be an empowering supplier.

EconoBEE is hosting sessions on the recently gazetted final ICT sector code aimed at entities operating in the ICT Sector. The final sector code is required to be followed by all ICT (Information Communication Technology) companies from date of gazette being 7 November 2016.

Course Content:
We briefly cover the theory of BBBEE, and then go straight into a practical session on how each of the components of the scorecard operates. We explain each pillar and indicator, and make it completely applicable to your business. During our session we will cover the Amended ICT Sector Code in great detail and you will leave with an understanding of the ICT sector code. Breakfast will be served.

Course details
Title: ICT sector code breakfast
Date:  6 December 2016 and 24 January 2017
Time: 08h30 for 09h00-11h00
Venue: 435 Rugby Avenue, Ferndale
Cost: R899 incl VAT

Download a booking form and email to secure your seat. Seats are limited. Additional information and a full calendar of all our courses are available on our website.

Please email or to reserve your seat. Seats are limited.
Additional information and a full calendar of all our courses are available on our website.

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Additional Information:
Contact us on or 011 483 1190.

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