At EconoServ, we offer various solutions to assist clients to achieve maximum results to ease administrative burdens and ultimately help them grow.With directors who are always thinking about tomorrow, it is no wonder EconoServ has become an innovation kingpin. We like technology, but because we think differently, we are also able to implement technology into our business in new and sometimes unusual ways. Ultimately it is our systems that form the backbone of our business. Through the use of these. Through the use of these systems we are able to process much more work, more accurately and without the risk of accidentally forgetting important components.

Trust amongst our clients and staff is hard won. We work hard to gain and then maintain the trust of all stakeholders. When we make a suggestion our clients need to trust us. The smallest of issues can hurt our trust relationship which be counter productive.

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📋 B-BEEE Consulting

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) compliance is a process and should be viewed as long-term as opposed to a short-term once off event. We offer various solutions to assist clients achieve a compliant BEE Status. BEE is a complex business task which consumes a considerable amount of time and resources.

👥 Employment Equity

Employment Equity Compliance, Analysis, Planning and Reporting are vital components required to be done correctly for designated employers in South Africa. Although the final report is a summary view of the staff profile it needs to be analysed and managed thoroughly by your Employment Equity Committee throughout the year.

🔧 Skills Development

We offer a solution that will ensure that your company gets all the points it deserves, as well as maximising available rebates to reduce the actual cost of training.

We will ensure statutory compliance with the act and record keeping to obtain the best benefit from SARS, Seta and your BEE scorecard.

👤 Labour Law Consulting

Every single employer at some stage will have a CCMA case and will need to be prepared. The legislation that exists is cumbersome and complicated to navigate. We have the ability to help prevent this situation from arising. Our managed service solution to assist employers to navigate the complexities of the Labour Relations Act.

🗄 EME Solutions

A certain group of businesses are exempt from B-BBEE – Exempt Micro Enterprises (EMEs). According to the Amended BEE Codes of Good Practice, an EME is an enterprise that has a turnover of no more than R10 million per annum.

🎓 Workshops

Training, Workshops & Seminars EconoServ offers various courses covering all aspects in great detail to enable your business to thrive. Have the peace of mind that you will be able to sort out a complex business problem

🎥 Media

EconoMedia provides hands-on training for TV and radio interviews at our hi-tech digital studio in Ferndale, simulating a live TV and radio environment. As part of the session, we will produce, at no additional cost, a 1-2 minute video to use on social media.

💻 Lumko Learning

Merging theoretical learning with practical on the job training that most importantly is relevant to not only your industry but your specific business requirements. We want to take advantage of modern technologies to aid us in developing your staff.