Steps to a successful BEE Scorecard

Original publish date – Tue, 01 Dec 2009 12:37:24 +0000, Gavin

Your BEE scorecard is one of the essential tools required to ensure your customers are satisfied and you grow your business. However the problem is it can take a tremendous amount of time to prepare a complete scorecard, in particular Preferential Procurement, trying to get a copy of every suppliers BEE scorecard. It is also hugely difficult to calculate how many points each supplier is worth. The rest of the scorecard can also take unnecessary time and cost money collecting documentation.

Steps to a successful BEE Scorecard:
The rationale: Each business needs a BEE scorecard because their customers need a scorecard.

Start with a simple solution – understand the scorecard in its simplest form

  • The elements
  • The indicators
  • The targets
  • How the scoring works

This works really well and certainly encourages more businesses to comply. The difficulty though is not only producing a scorecard that satisfies everyone but also finding cheap and easy points that help you beat your competitors score.

The next step: Earning cost effective and easy points

  • Track the areas where you have already earned points – ie Skills Development
  • Find creative ways of earning additional points

Finally prepare a report. Make sure you have a competitive score. If it is below your competitors score, make sure that your score is at least compliant and then use your competitors score to benchmark your next years target score.

A word to the wise. BEE contributions are taken retrospectively like an accounting audit. If you did not reach your target this year you will have to wait until next to improve you score. Unfortunately you can’t wait until you have an audit to reach your targets.



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