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overpaying employees

Employer overpays employees, what now? How are challenges of erroneously overpaying employees addressed

The issue of erroneously overpaying employees is usually found in the public sector but more inquiries are rapidly coming from the private sector and employers don’t know how to deal with this situation.   Legal BCEA section 34(1) BCEA section 34(5)   Payroll and HR Personnel are also human beings...


Traditional healer (Sangoma) medical certificates – a sensitive issue where employers need to tread carefully

Traditional healer (Sangoma) medical certificates The issue of medical certificates that come from traditional healers is a sensitive issue that needs employers to tread carefully. Legal Traditional Health Practitioners Act 22 of 2007 Basic Conditions of Employment Act 75 of 1997   Resource: Traditional Health Practitioners Act   Let’s first determine...

Insubordination vs. Insolence

Insubordination vs. Insolence – how to distinguish and address ambiguity

Employers and Human resources personnel experience a common problem distinguishing between insubordination and insolence. Let’s first define the two terms in order to eradicate the grey area that exists: Insubordination refers to the intentional refusal to obey an employer’s lawful and reasonable orders. Insolence refers to cheeky, rude, abusive or...