The Construction Charter

Original publish date – Wed, 15 Jul 2009 07:46:32 +0000, Keith

A client called yesterday. He is a land surveyor with a turnover of less than R5 million. That makes him an EME? No, not so fast. He, as a land surveyor falls within the construction sector.
The construction sector codes define a land surveyor as a BEP (built environment professional) and the EME threshold is R1.5 million.
The land surveyor’s annual income is more than R1.5, but less than R5 million. He therefore has to fill in a scorecard based on the BEP section of the construction charter.

At the same time there are no verification agencies to verify the construction scorecard. He really is in a difficult situation because as from the 1st August, only verified scorecards are valid.

What should he do? Consider himself an EME based on the codes of good practice? No one, least of all his customers will question it. It is wrong to use the wrong codes though, so we cannot rcommend that. He is “stuck between a rock and a hard place”


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