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The EME BEE Status Document Pack - EconoServ

EME Affidavit – A certain group of businesses are exempt from B-BBEE – Exempt Micro Enterprises (EMEs). According to the Amended BEE Codes of Good Practice an EME is an enterprise that has a turnover of no more than R10 million per annum. EME businesses that are black owned are allocated an enhanced level. Black owned businesses with a turnover of less than R50 million (black owned QSE’s) per annum are awarded a special dispensation to supply documentation similar to an EME affidavit to justify their BEE status.


EMEs that are required to follow a sector code may have different requirements as they will still need to comply with their respective charter.


Sector Code
Turnover Threshold
Amended Codes Of Good Practice – Oct 2013<R10 million
Amended Codes Of Good Practice – Oct 2013 – Black Owned QSE’s<R50 million
Codes Of Good Practice – Feb 2007, Construction Sector – Contractors, Forest Sector, Transport, ICT, Agri and Chartered Accountancy<R5 million
Construction Sector – Built Environment Professionals<R1.5 million
Tourism Sector<R2.5 million
FSC, PropertySpecial requirements


The Amended Codes of Good Practice were issued in October 2013. They provide a grace period of 12 months, although companies have a choice to voluntarily comply with the Amended Codes. A key benefit of this is that the EME threshold has been increased from R5 million per annum to R10 million. In addition, the documentation requirements have become easier to comply with. EME’s now only need a suitable affidavit document to justify their status.


EMEs need do no more than inform their customers that they are exempt. Even if they are Exempt they need to ensure that the correct and most appropriate information is given to their customers to avoid any fronting issues.


To save you time EconoBEE can design an Affidavit that complies with the requirements as set out by the Amended Codes of Good Practice. In addition to the Affidavit, we will also provide you with a document that assists you in getting this message across to your customers, who invariably may still not understand how BEE operates.


The following documents are included in your EME Document Pack

EME Affidavit

EME Exemption Statement Summary

Statement to Customers explaining your BEE status



R1250 incl VAT EME Pack production – Amended Codes (Below R10 million per annum)

R999 incl VAT for an annual renewal – Amended Codes

R899 incl VAT EME Pack Production – Standard Codes (Below R5 million per annum)

R699 incl VAT for an annual renewal – Standard Codes

R3250 incl VAT QSE Pack production – Amended Codes (Black Owned QSE’s only)


How to obtain this service – Email and we will send you a short questionnaire from which we will design your own BEE exemption statement.

Created by: CSA