The only measure of transformation – EconoBEE Newsletter – 07 September 2010

EconoBEE – Newsletter September 2010

EconoBEE - BEE Points = Business

I am often asked “How do I become BEE Compliant” or “can you give me a BEE Certificate” or “can you find a partner for my business”? B-BBEE is intended to be a long term process. In order to succeed you need to achieve BEE Compliance by earning points.

I am very pleased to announce the launch of a new and innovative approach to our BEE consulting department and best of all it will help you stay in control.

The BEE Document Management Pack
Instead of trying to find a document for verification, find it in our pre-prepared verification ready filing system. Our vastly experienced consultants have prepared all sorts of documents which will make your next BEE verification a breeze.

Collect the right documents using our comprehensive document checklist. Store them in our 7 element filing system and if you don’t have a document you really need, you will find it in our vast range of templates. Our templates include contracts, beneficiary appointment letters, forms, declarations and even working policies to satisfy the most difficult customer.

Benefit from BEE by implementing an EconoBEE verification ready document pack;

  • Ensure your planning is long term and precise
  • Carefully control your resource management and retain knowledge
  • Develop corporate policy and strategy documents
  • Save on consulting time with pre-prepared consulting quality documents

Contact us on 0861 11 3094 or and if we receive your order and payment before the end of September 2010 we will include a complementary license of EconoBEE V3 and BEE Procured worth R5000.

Note: all documents have successfully undergone hundreds of BEE verifications conducted by independent accredited verification agencies.

Structuring your BEE Ownership deal – ensuring the deal is done right

The Ownership element on the Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment scorecard is undoubtedly the most controversial element.

Although it is worth 20 points on the generic scorecard (23 with bonus points) and 25 on the Qualifying Small Enterprise Scorecard (28 with bonus points) it so often happens that a company plans and even executes their BEE Ownership deal incorrectly which earns them minimal points. This costs money and causes embarrassment.

Our aim with our Structuring your BEE Ownership Deal seminar is to encourage companies to do a deal properly. Transformation is required, but the only way to effectively measure transformation is via the scorecard. As a result an effective drive for true transformation can only be measured by a B-BBEE Scorecard.

It has become a reality that a bad BEE Ownership deal is exposed not by the shareholders but based on how many points they achieved on their BEE scorecard.

Who should attend:
BBBEE Managers, Legal Advisors and Accountants, Directors/financial directors and Dealmakers

What you will get:

All delegates will receive a detailed user manual and CD. This will include all the presentation material, spreadsheets that will help you to record your BEE Status and sample BEE documents.

During our Structuring your BEE Ownership Deal seminar we cover all key aspects from a business point of view, and create practical solutions out of these complex concepts.

Structuring your BEE Ownership Deal – Breakfast Seminar – 15 September 2010, Hilton Hotel Sandton

Overview of B-BEE
Definition of black,
generic/qse scorecard
Earning points
Ownership scorecard (generic/qse)
Management Control scorecard

Ownership Scorecard – detail and calculation
Voting rights
Economic Interest
Net equity value
Ownership Fulfillment
Broad-based schemes etc
New entrants

Ownership Structures/deals
Flow through principles
Ownership exclusions:
Mandated investments, government investments
Continued recognition for ownership
Ownership structures and rules:
Trusts and schemes, section 21, options and warrants, equity instruments
Sale of assets
Equity equivalents

Sources of funding
Legal issues

Case studies
MTN Zakhele

Measure the success of your BEE Ownership deal by the points you have earned on your B-BBEE Scorecard. Book now for the half day breakfast course – Structure your BEE Ownership Deal. More info…


CostR1499 plus VAT (R1709 incl Vat)
VenueJohannesburg 15th September 2010 – Hilton Hotel, Sandton
Time7:30 for 8:00 to 12:30
BookingDownload our brochure and fax to 011 483 1195
Contact 0861 11 3094
More infoOnline details on, email or contact 0861 11 3094 (switchboard option 1)

Other information:

The cost of this seminar is R1499.00 excl VAT. The event will be held on the 15th September – JHB.

You can contact us on 0861 11 3094 or for more information. You can view more information on our website where you will also find a booking form.

While there is demand for a BBBEE Scorecard someone will be taking advantage, shouldn’t that someone be you…

BEE Points = Happy Customers = Sustainable Business

That’s it for the time being.
Gavin and the EconoBEE Team

About EconoBEE – BEE Ownership

BEE Ownership deals could mean the difference between winning a tender or closing down your business. The really clever business owner knows that a well structured deal will result in more points and more business all while staying in complete control.

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Tel: 0861 11 3094
Fax: 011 483 1195

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