The pain of verification

Original publish date – Thu, 21 May 2009 15:09:20 +0000, Keith

We have come across a lot of companies lately that talk about the pain of verification. One company has been waiting for nearly four months for their certificate. Another called in a verification agency, then asked them lots of questions, which they did not answer and finally decided to scrap their verification.

In this instance the verification agency acted correctly. It is not their job – in fact they stand to lose their accreditation status if they consult to their client while they are doing verification. Consulting and verification are mutually exclusive.

The reason that companies talk of the pain of verification is because they are not prepared for that verification. They do not have all the answers to the questions that the verification agency asks them. They find it difficult to understand what to give to the agency. They also have no idea of how to approach the agency – or how to react to them. Many companies are terrified fo the verification agency, never midn the whole process. They have not calculated a scorecard so they have no idea what their score is going to be. In cases cases they do not even know what constitures a good score.

The EconoBEE method is to help our clients prepare for the verification. Or clients see verification as the end of their BEE process for the year, and instantly start preparing for the next year. They look forward to their verification and are happy toclal in the verification agency because they know they will get a good score, and it is exciting awaiting that certificate. There is no pain involved. They treat the verification agency with respect, and the verification agency will recognise that the customer needs even more respect and care. Our clients prepare their documentation and calcualater their score for each indicator. The agency is then given the documentation and TOLD what the score is that has already been calcualted for that indicator. It is up the agency to refute the evidence if they disagree. Since our clients are well prepard, there is no chance that an agency will see fit to challenge their evidence.

The time for the agency to do their work is cut down – from endless months to days or even hours. A verification agency spent only 2 dayhs with out valuable client, Makro because they had everything at their fingetips. It not only save the verification agency time and effort – for which they wer grateful, but saved our client valuable maangment time. It was not a painful experience – it one one they were looking forward to!


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