The State of BEE – moving forward in 2010 – EconoBEE Newsletter 28 January 2010

EconoBEE – Newsletter January 20109

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Everyone can identify with being in high school and exam time. The class would always be divided into groups of people who had done all the hard work and preparation for months and the other half who would be the less than eager learners who hadn’t done any studying other than cramming the night before.

When the end of year reports were issued the hard workers, who had been preparing for months and had planned and expected every question, had earned every mark that they deserved and had done far better than those who crammed the night before.

BEE is quite similar. The companies, who educated themselves on the scorecard, had been diligent through-out their financial year with regard to logging spends, collecting documents and finding ways to earn more points, did far better on their BEE Scorecard than those who weren’t that well prepared. The former companies are also able to take advantage of all the easy points, make informed non-rushed decisions and make business sense out of their BEE deals.

The point over here is that the kids in high school, who prepared for their exams, knew that they would receive their desired results; companies who work hard on their scorecards know that they are going to do well. Therefore it is a good idea for them to be verified. Whereas there was no point in the crammers even writing the exam just as there is no point in going for verification if you are going to be non-compliant. The only way to obtain a good BEE score is to BEE Prepared.

EconoBEE offers a complete managed service which will take all of the effort out of becoming BEE compliant. Our managed service will guide you throughout the year to help you log your spend, collect documentation and find ways to earn more BEE points.

The State of BEE in 2009 – moving forwards in 2010

This article aims to showcase some of the highlights and low-downs of Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment in 2009 as well as to give experiential insight into 2010’s expectations.

In the very early days of B-BBEE, many, including myself, thought that by 2009 we would be a long way further than we actually are.

Unfortunately, empowerment has taken a back-seat for many who still do not understand the true implications of Black Economic Empowerment. A case in point is the continuous calls for BEE to become more broad-based. The tragedy is that BEE is already broad-based and encourages businesses to commit more towards true empowerment in the form of Education, Entrepreneurship and Innovation through Procurement.

2009, however, has been the most successful year thus far for B-BBEE. Even though we still had many unresolved issues, it was the first year that saw some of the issues being solved and it also created wonderful opportunities for positive discussion to sort out the rest.

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Call for BEE Ombudsman

Our last newsletter heard Keith Levenstein, CEO of EconoBEE call for a BEE ombudsman. This would help ensure accuracy and consistency in the BEE industry.

His call for a BEE Ombudsman has received many positive comments from clients, contacts and associates alike. As a result Keith was interviewed on Classic FM regarding this idea. To listen to the 10min long interview click here.

More details about the communications sent to The Department of Trade and Industry minister Rob Davies as well as other information to follow shortly.

Sustainability Key Concepts Uncovered

We are living in an ever changing environment, new ideas and concepts come in almost as quick as old ones go out.
The concept of sustainability is very complex and therefore we have enlisted the help of two experts in the field. With them on board we have designed 4 sequential afternoon half day workshops.

Our first short course: Introduction to sustainability and practical tips for your company will take place on the 3rd of February between 13h00 and 17h00 at the EconoServ Offices:
4th Floor Willow Grove
Houghton Estate Office Park
Cnr. Louis Botha Avenue and Osborne Road

This session provides an introduction to sustainability, highlighting its evolution over time and the development of key concepts, including triple bottom line, corporate social responsibility and corporate citizenship.  It then highlights a variety of tips and mechanisms for promoting sustainability within your company, using case study examples from around the world.

After this session, participants will:

  • be able to differentiate between various approaches to sustainability within the corporate environment
  • be aware of a range of mechanisms to promote sustainability within their company

This session assumes no prior knowledge.

The complete schedule is on our website. For more information or to book your place please call EconoBEE on 0861 11 3094.

BEE Knowledgeable – Workshops, Seminars and Conferences

The first meaningful step to becoming BEE compliant is simply knowledge.

Our EconoBEE scorecard workshops are held every Tuesday morning. We are hosting a full day course in March covering True Empowerment and how to earn meaningful BEE points. The full day course will cover details about all seven elements, how to do the calculations and how to earn the most effective points to make business sense for your business.

The next scorecard workshop will be held on the 2nd of February at the EconoServ Offices.

Due to high demand we will have a full day scorecard workshop in Durban on 11 February 2010.

For more information on either workshop or our full day course please call EconoBEE on 086 1 11 3094.

    Is BEE procurement a pain? Sort it out quick and easy – click here.

    Not sure how to get a BEE Scorecard, click here to see a demonstration of how best to produce your own BEE scorecard.
    EconoBEE Newsletter
    28 January 2010

    In this issue

    • The State of BEE in 2009 – moving forwards to 2010
    • Call for BEE Ombudsman
    • Sustainability Key Concepts Uncovered
    • Durban Scorecard Workshop

    In other news

    About EconoBEE

    EconoBEE is a BEE consultancy that has developed extremely effective tools to measure and implement Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment. Our services focus on the business side of BEE.  Our services include EconoBEE Scorecard, BEE Scorecard Workshops, EME Pack, Document Pack, EconoLog and the 10 Step Process to BEE Compliance.

    Our company supports various organisations and drives the BEE Expert Group to help maintain and develop knowledge in the BEE industry.

    In other PR news, EconoBEE was approached by African views to have a discussion about BEE. The hour long program was very successful and will be broadcast on Friday and Saturday. Once we have an online copy we will upload it onto our website.

    Already have a BEE Certificate?

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    BEE Points = Happy Customers = Sustainable Business

    That’s it for the time being.
    Gavin and the EconoBEE Team

    Executive summary of B-BBEE

    Turnover below R5 million per annum – automatic BEE status

    Turnover above R5 million per annum – you need a BEE Scorecard. Our workshops, scorecard tools, procurement manager or advanced managed services will be best for you.

    Complete Managed BEE Service


    Earning BEE points the EconoBEE Way is simple and painless.

    10 Strategic Steps to B-BBEE!

    We have prepared an easy to follow guide “B-BBEE in 5 Minutes” and “Crash Course to BEE Verification” which explains BEE in a simple step by step approach.

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