Two reasons for implementing BEE

There are two reasons for implementing BEE in your company:
1) Ethical/moral: This relates to uplifting and assisting the rest of our population. The arguments for this are social and political, which I will not get into now. I know many people whom I fondly call the “antibees” (anti-BEE – getit?) profoundly disagree with this reason.

2) Business – it will assist you in doing business and making a profit: The antibees, and anyone else should realise that making a profit is the bee all and end all of beeing in a business (sorry for the bad puns). I was consulting to a client recently, and discussing their procurement. One company accounts for 20% of all procurement, and they are that company’s largest customer. The client had asked their supplier for a scorecard, but he has not, and is not willing to supply it. We did the calculation based on them receiving no score and then re-did it on the basis that the supplier was a level 4 (it is a QSE and can easily achieve level 4). This would earn my client an extra 3 or 4 points. What we need to do is explain to the supplier how important it is to his biggest customer to obtain a scorecard, never mind how easy it really is to get a reasonably good or satisfactory score. You’d think that a company whose entire livelihood depends on one customer would make an effort to satisfy that customer!

I saw another large company who is also having great problems in convincing its suppliers to become BEE compliant. Their procurement policy is to only use approved suppliers. Now some of these suppliers absolutely refuse to respond to the questions (and they are the proper broad-based questions) and refuse to make any effort to even get to understand what is required of them. The company, and us, are making every effort to encourage/cajole/demand a response. We know that many of these suppliers are either EMEs or QSEs and by making even a small effort will be able to remain on the approved supplier list. As they say you can take a horse to water ….
At some point those suppliers will be removed from the approved list and may go bankrupt.
In this case, I say “Serves you right for being so shortsighted”

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