Understanding the BEE Codes – The way to become BEE Compliant

Cape Town Workshop – Understanding the codes – The way to become BEE Compliant

As the codes come closer to being gazetted – and therefore come into law, it becomes more important to understand how it affects your business. The gazetting and applying of BEE will make it easier for business – contrary to many people’s expectations. Transformation and BEE in companies can open many new opportunities – but it needs to be explained in an unemotional and business-like manner. This is how our half-day BEE workshops work! 

In the session we explain the situation around BEE – in this case the phrase “Knowledge is Power” has never been more apt. Once you understand the codes you will be able to start implementing BEE in your own organization – moreover you will know how to talk to your customers and respond to their requests for your BEE status. We find that once you understand a concept, the mystique is removed and it becomes so much easier to work with.

In the case of BEE, or more accurately B-BBEE, we explain briefly the history, but spend most of the time practically working through BEE – “what the codes really say”. We help you create your own BEE scorecard. We tell you how to develop a strategy that will build up your BEE status and make a profit. Billions of Rands are being poured into the economy – a key differentiator of whether or not you will get a slice of that business depends on your response to BEE. We will help you develop that response.

In Johannesburg we run half-day workshops every Tuesday. We visit Cape Town and Durban once a month to run workshops there. The next Cape Town workshop is on 15th February. Limited seats are still available (information brochure). The next Durban workshop is on 1st March.

On all workshops we hand out detailed course material, which has been described as “excellent” by delegates to previous workshops. We will also have copies of EconoBEE Scorecard available for purchase.

Status of the codes:

Cabinet approved the codes in December 2006. We are waiting for them to be gazetted – to be given the force of law. What that really means is we will finally have consistency in applying BEE. At the moment many companies are applying BEE based on their own interpretation of the codes – and probably asking you questions about your BEE status that are no longer relevant.

As soon as possible after gazetting they will be placed on our website for your information, and we will add clarity. We will then be holding a full day workshop analysing the codes in detail. This will be a workshop run in association with Cathy Bryant Attorneys, our colleague who is a specialist in tax, ownership structures and corporate financial structures as they relate to BEE.

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