Update – Mbeki wants BEE scrapped

Original publish date – Fri, 26 Jun 2009 07:53:48 +0000, Keith

Whew, what a lot of responses we got to our newsletter giving our rebuttal of the comments that Moeletsi Mbeki made about asking for BEE to be scrapped.

There is a lot of anger out there, and there remains more confusion than ever about B-BBEE. Many of the comments received explained the difficult situations business people founds themselves in, due to what they considered was BEE. We have people reporting that they have been subjected to corruption, people asking for handouts, people asking for jobs for pals etc. Sadly this does happen too often. In some cases this is done in the name of BEE, but just because someone uses the words BEE, does not make it true.

Can we blame BEE for this? Can we blame BEE because British parliamentarians overclaimed on their expenses. Can we blame BEE because it is cold today or because Bafana Bafana made the semi-finals of the Confed Cup? Almost every ill that befalls our country, is almost automatically blamed on BEE, even if there is no link.

True B-BBEE is completely different to most people’s perceptions of BEE. Our mission is to try educate and ensure that government and business follows true BEE.

I do wonder why government does not do this job – why they don’t explain what BEE is really all about – instead of allowing all the misinformation to be disemminated with any comment. I know the law, the act and the codes – I have very seldom heard any government official explain it in the way we do. Why is this?


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